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Welcome to Adventure Sauce! 

Benjamin New Orleans Screaming

Got 162 seconds? Hitchhike across the USA now

I'm Benjamin Jenks & I help people live, work, and travel like adventurers.


Don't mind my slight hitchhiking addiction...

Practical Tips

The world has changed... Have you? 

If you dream of having the freedom to travel and do what you love, then this is for you.

Benjamin Oliver Jenks with Spiderman, Batman, and the Hulk


Practical Tips to help you learn how to:

  • Meet Fascinating People
  • Make Money From Your Passions
  • Have Thrilling Adventures
Inspirational Videos

I'm like... a modern Jack Kerouac with a video blog. I eat meals with locals, sleep on their floor, ride in their cars, and we usually become friends.

Fun in Bourbon Street

Bourbon Street

I make Unconventional Travel Videos to Inspire You to:

  • Have 'Rockstar-like' Fun,
  • Experience the Best of the World
  • Live an Exciting Life
Who we are?

We all share one common interest... 

We want freedom and we won't settle for anything less.

In Las Vegas Nevada

Las Vegas

We are artists, entrepreneurs, college students, and world travelers... Some of us escaped from a cubicle and others escaped their hometown. 

Sound like you...? 


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Benjamin with kids in Mississippi

Seriously... watch this 162 second video!


Let's Rock This World




Yo! I'm Benjamin Jenks

Filmmaker, Coach, & Explorer.

I help creative people do stuff, learn, and grow...

So we can be free and rich.

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