Lazy Pothead Transforms Into Badass Action-Taker… So Can You

Once-upon-a-time-take action

This post is the third in a series about How To Take The Adventure Of Your Lifetime.

Oh… and in other exciting (time-sensitive) news, I have an invitation for you to join an exclusive group of Action-Takers now. Details here.


This secret spilling article is dedicated to Jason, my positive badass coach. Thanks for helping me see God. :) (Check Jason’s work here… worth it).


This article is going to be a little different. Let’s rock…


Is the Adventure of Your Lifetime always starting tomorrow?


Are you waiting for more time, more money, more smarts, or that “special feeling” in your belly to start taking action?

Or do your days feel like you are trudging through cold, thick quicksand trying to accomplish your big goals?

Maybe you even escape into spontaneous adventures or pot… cold beer or mindless Internet surfing…

While always telling yourself,

“I’ll do THAT (meaning the work/art/hard shit you know down DEEP you need to do) TOMORROW.”


There-is-no-tomorrow-take action


Normal people love tomorrow.

Normal people always start tomorrow.

Normal people always travel tomorrow. They save money tomorrow. They write tomorrow. They make videos tomorrow. They start a blog tomorrow.

Normal people aren’t Action-Takers.


Yo… I wasn’t always an Action-Taker either.

In fact, I was probably lazier, more frustrated, more mentally “fucked up,” had less money, was more confused, and was more stuck than you are right now.

I had the same excuses too. :)

In fact, more recently than you realize…

I was a Lazy, “Stuck-in-a-Rut,” “Waiting-For-One-Ideal-Day-In-The-Future” Pothead.


The deeply personal story I am about to share is about me… sort of…

But remember it could be about any regular guy, living any regular life.

He could be anyone.

He could be you.


This guy wanted to see the world…

He had to experience true love, he wanted stories to make his grandchildren’s eyes pop, and he craved the skills to create inspiring masterpieces.

He had to be the main character of his life.

He needed to matter.


But he knew his feelings were completely regular… normal…

Different versions of those dreams are in everyone’s head.

Most people can forget about them and go be “responsible.”

But for whatever reason, this regular guy went for it.

He took action.



Are you stuck, unproductive, or straining to do your work? Read on…

Or maybe you just want to see the UGLY, HONEST, and RAW truth of why Adventure Sauce exists.

Hey… if you don’t, then I invite you to go do something that matters to you.

We cool… yo! :)


At the end of my tale…

I offer the 4 most powerful things I did to transform from a Lazy Pothead into an Action-Taker. I hope they help you. I also have a special invite for you.



This is my longest post yet.

4147 words… :o Sometimes I’m a Bad Blogger. People like short, sweet, and bite-sized. Well, I meant to write a shorter piece… but I couldn’t stop writing.

It was time to bare the Truth. 

I spent all day writing.

I forgot about an appointment with a good friend.

The words just flowed.

I even went back and evaluated every word to be sure they were focused on driving home one simple point…

Take action. 


Quick thang, before we dive into Raw Expression, Uber-Personal, and Pseudo-Embarrassing Story Land….

You need to know something.

I am about to talk about some DEEP shit.

The wisest people who have ever lived have been writing books about this FOREVER.

Please forgive me, if my article doesn’t slap the Bible’s Ass or put the Tao to shame. :)

The religious-y & new age-y words I use are all meaningful to me, because they point to concepts I have felt. But feel free to substitute whatever words are meaningful to you.


When I say, God, I don’t mean, “Old Dude in the Sky, who is Jesus’ Dad.”

I mean… The One, The Source, The All, The Universe, The Alive Energy In Your Body, You, Your True Self, All That Has Ever Been And All That Will Ever Be…

AND “The Old Dude in the Sky, who is Jesus’ Dad.”

I’m trying to show you things that are very difficult… no impossible to accurately describe. Take what you can from what I learned and apply the lessons in your way.


If you are going to read this post, then really read it. Give yourself some time. Shut off your music. Turn off your Facebook chat. Even open this window in Full Screen or Presentation Mode.

Thanks. :)

Let’s begin.


Once-upon-a-time-take action


Once upon a time…

Before I was a Lazy, “Stuck-in-a-Rut,” “Waiting-For-One-Day-In-The-Future” Pothead…

I was an Ass-Kissing, People-Pleasing, Over-Worked & Drained Do-Gooder. 

You see…

Before I Woke Up and started living, I was doing everything that I SHOULD be doing.

  • I was the bosses favorite employee.
  • I was the teacher’s favorite student.
  • I was getting straight A’s in high school and college.
  • Heck… I was even he boss.

I was a good boy.

  • I was not having sex, before marriage.
  • I was not smoking cigarettes, because they were bad.
  • I was not drinking alcohol, because I didn’t want to get in trouble.
  • I was not smoking pot, because that is for crazy hippies.

I also was not being my True Self.

  • I was not traveling like I wanted.
  • I was not smootchin’ on the ladies like I wanted.
  • I was not creating the art in my head.
  • I was not interesting, noteable, or courageous.
  • I was not dabbling in all the things I was curious about: sex, adventure, drugs, and spirituality.
  • I was not the main character of my life.
I was not who I really am.

Do you know who you really are?

Well… Keveen inspired me recently to start with who you want to be.

I wanted to be a mixture of Jack Kerouac, Henry David Thoreau, Steven Newman, Kurt Cobain, Buddha, Ernest Hemingway, Ken Kesey, Puff Daddy, Van Gogh, and motherfucking JESUS.

What about you… what mix are you?

I wanted to know what life was all about…

I wanted to taste it, smoke it, fuck it, and share what I learned.

I wanted to get addicted to every drug and then get sober.

I wanted to wake up in the beds of women across the world.

I wanted to see what it looks like from highest mountain tops.

I wanted to make colorful shit.

And I wanted to KNOW for myself what living was all about.

But my guidance counselor wasn’t offering that job…

I wasn’t sure how to do it. I didn’t even consider this lifestyle an option.

What I wanted didn’t seem possible.

No one I knew had ever lived their big dreams.

Dreams are just dreams, right?

Life is supposed to be hard. You gotta suck it up.

Get a job, get a decently hot girl, save for retirement, and for God sakes… Don’t hitchhike.

Then, I came across Chris Guillebeau.

And I woke up… (a little)…

Thank you, Chris.

Thank you so much.

If I had a million dollars in the bank right now… I cash it out in one dollar bills and bring it to you in a semi-truck. I’d throw you a million dollar party.

Your courage, generosity, honesty, and wisdom inspired me to take those early steps to be my True Self.

I needed you.

Your non-conformity was the breath of Life I deeply craved.

When I found your website, I envisioned how my life could be and how I could make it work.

Up until this time, I’d just been complaining about the Internet. Facebook was the devil, making money online was a scam, and blogs were… well, I wasn’t even sure what blogs were and didn’t really care.

But now, you had paved a path towards the life I wanted.

So I started to…


Do what I wanted to do.

I decided to hang up my People-Pleasing, Do-Gooder ways and start my own adventure.

When I came across Chris’ website, I had been Doing Good for most of my life and I was burnt…

Angry, drained, tired, and sick.

My skin had this weird rash, my butt was bleeding (sorry! but true :/), and I craved nothing more than drinking cold Budweisers, eating frozen Red Baron pizzas, and watching a movie where disturbing shit happened…

“Please, let me escape my life,” was a loud semi-conscious echo throughout my brain.

I still wasn’t aware what Alive was.


But… I decided to listen to my heart.

I decided to be a non-conformist.

I chose to go after what felt right.

I was going to be selfish (huge sin in the Do-Gooder community).

I felt compelled to do so… from a power larger than I.

I had to do it.


At one point, I made a vow to myself…

“I will listen to my own heart, make my own decisions, and do what I want to do… no matter where it that takes me.”

I will accept my death.

I will dive into loneliness.

I will live my life as art.

I will trust my intuition.

I will have faith that something bigger and wiser was guiding me.


I will have faith that I can rock Life, like it has never been rocked before! 

Somewhere inside, I knew I could do it… even though I didn’t know I could do it. :)

Shakti Gawain, Eckhart Tolle, Alan Watts, Ken Kesey, and Thomas Moore are partially responsible for this.

But the “Bad Kids” I worked with in the woods were also an inspiration.

Spending thousands of hours helping at-risk teens not only honed my intuition and my gut instincts… (the little bastards were never telling the truth ;) ). Thanks to them… I can read people like a trained interrogator.

But I also was inspired by their freedom and courage to go Their Way.

So I took their example and went My Way…

***Thanks little Bad dudes… I still love you.


And I had some wild adventures…

 And we are just finishing Chapter 2. :)

I could go on, but… whatever…

I tell you this… not to be some Travel Pimp or rub my adventures in your face (I’m know you aren’t jealous of ALL of those experiences ;) ).

But I want to say, ”You could do any of this and more… if you want.”

I did most of the above, while being a Lazy Pothead. 

But a new phase begins and I am inviting you to join me…

The last few years of my life were INSANE.

But I love them dearly.

My adventures have given me Fuel.

They have been sweet, exciting, breath-taking, painful, mind-blowing, and fun as fuck. :)

I wouldn’t trade them for the world.

I needed to be Good… and I needed to be Bad.

I needed each of those adventures to be Me.

But… I also lost some things that were very meaningful to me.

I lost some relationships with people I loved… all my attention was on ME.

I lost some brain cells… drugs can show you a deeper consciousness, but they take a toll.

I lost my ability to work hard in the face of challenge… I got used to just taking a nap, smoking a joint, or heading out on an adventure.

I lost precious Life seconds, when I could have been working on my art and my Gift.

But in my losses, the emotional “pain” invited me to see the Truth.

It is time to Act?

Doing what I want to do isn’t deeply fulfilling.

Sure… I learned my limits. I learned how to handle heartbreak, loneliness, contempt, and my inner state.

But there is way more to my life than ME.

And there is more to your life than YOU.

True joy comes in giving ME to All.

Your joy comes in giving YOU to All.

I’m taking action now.

I have much work to do.

I have many gifts to give.

I have many masterpieces to create and the time is ticking.

I’m not waiting to be a wise man on a mountaintop anymore to share what I’ve learned…

I’m sharing now.

I’m giving all I have to give… now.

Over the past few months, I’ve literally transformed my daily life…

I’ve gone from a Lazy, “Waiting-for-Tomorrow-To-Really-Bring-My-All” Pothead to a Productive, Badass Action-Taker.

Almost in a snap.

Boom! Zip. Zingle.

I’d been studying for years… it just took the right moment to click.

And let me tell you… I love it.

I won’t go back.

My reckless adventure days are over.

***Although my definition of reckless might be different than yours… I’m still gonna push it. Hard.

But I will still bring adventure to everything I do…

Because as my man, Jason recently concisely summed up my philosophy on life…

Make every moment an adventure.

But I won’t be destructive, I won’t be reckless, and I won’t escape. I’m done with that.

I am Present and accounted for. :)

And sharing my gift with the world is my number one priority.

To do that, I need to get shit done.

I need to be productive.

I need to be an Action Taker.


Are you ready to be an Action Taker?

Heck… I get it.

If I would have read this a few years ago… it wouldn’t have mattered.

I needed to go find Me and even Future Me wouldn’t have been able to guide Past Me.

I needed to do it my way.

I know you may need to do the same.

I love you for that… you stubborn cuss you. ;)

You are welcome here in our community.

In fact, I am committed to making your adventure more meaningful (and hopefully less painful).

Or maybe you are ready too.

Maybe you are ready for the next phase.

Maybe you have been waiting to take action.

Maybe you have been waiting for someone to stick out their hand and say,

“Yo m’ lady… Come with me. Let’s go do this TOGETHER.”

Let’s go make the Adventure of our Lifetime…

No… even better…
Let’s go inspire and create…

The Adventure of our Generation. 

Haha… tall order, I know…

I’ll define the concept of The Adventure of Our Generation in future posts… so chill out max and stay tuned.

But you it is important to realize…

We are already doing it.

We are on that Adventure now.

I see it.

I feel it.

Do You?

***Join our exclusive group here.

I-love-you-all-take action

Here are the 4 most powerful things I learned about taking Action:


1. Connect To Your Definition:


What is your deepest purpose?

What is your deepest heart yearning?

If you were to die in 3 days, what would you need to accomplish to die complete?

I’d like to thank David Deida for these questions… they pointed me towards my own definition and maybe they can help you too.

When I think about how I can help shy dudes get their first girlfriend… or help a young blogger make some money… or help an amateur video gal make a viral video… or help an inexperienced traveler zoom around the world.

I get electrified.


When I picture helping 10,000 Thoughtful People come alive by 2017…

I want to jump for joy.

My body starts to tingle.

My fingers want to write.

My brain starts thinking of viral videos.

And being productive is easy.

I feel a flow of energy from a source deeper than me.


Do you want to feel your purpose now?

Well, forget about coming up with a short, punchy statement at first.

All those words up above have been brewing in my head for years… but my purpose was with me the whole time.

Your purpose is sitting with you now too.

Important: You will NEVER fully grasp your purpose in your mind.

Your purpose is the Alive feeling in your body. Your purpose is the wise whispers in your heart.

It is the tingles in your chest.

It is the compelling urge to be You.


Try feeling your purpose now:

Stop reading… close your eyes… and take a breath.

Then take another.

Feel your body.

Feel your chest when you exhale.

Do you feel tingles?

That is your purpose… that is your ALIVE energy.

Now, the more you feel that energy and ACT… the more you will start doing stuff that is You.

Then, over time you will be able to figure it out how to tell people at parties and shit.

Feel. Then Act. Repeat for the rest of your life. :)


***I know this concept is tough and to make it tougher, what worked for me probably won’t work for you. Let me help though.

If you have questions about your purpose/definition/passion/calling… ask now.


***Also, I’m interviewing Jacob from today (well, not today if you aren’t reading this when I post it).

Jacob is a video-blogging New Yorker, who wrote a book, Find Your Purpose.  Plus, he took Tim Ferriss’ advice and went with Gary V. to a Jets game. If you ask a question, maybe I’ll run it by him too.

Double Whammy on your ass! (lol)


2. Do A Morning Jumpstart


No joke… a 7 minutes morning routine showed me GOD.

Don’t give me that… “But I don’t do routines” baloney either.

I was anti-routine for awhile too. I thought it went against my vow to follow my intuition. But that attitude didn’t work. Some days I just didn’t want to do my routine, so I would quit.

Mistake… I was just uncomfortable.

It can be easy to misread your intuition with your brain’s evolutionary urge to seek comfort.


This is also why creating the first year of art for Adventure Sauce was a motherfucking WAR.

I have battle scars… literally.

But when I started doing 5 minutes of morning meditation and 5 sun salutations every morning, something changed. And in just a few short months… I am having to stop myself from mediating for about 20 minutes a day.

I love it.

I can feel God.

Plus, I lost the craving to relax with beer after a long day of work. I lost the craving to smoke pot, when the art isn’t flowing.

AND I can touch my toes (some days).

Now, I dance with my art and my life.

Your morning sets up your whole day. Get a routine and do it.


Here are 4 tips to start your morning routine:

1. Start small and easy. Start with 7 minutes.

2. Set up a trigger. A trigger is something you do right before your routine. It helps make your routine become a habit. For me, I would lay out my yoga blanket (no mat) by my bed. Then, when I got up, I would see the blanket, and I would visualize the good feelings of meditation. This made me haul my butt out of bed and start.

3. Do something you want to do. Don’t do meditation, if you don’t care about meditation. Go for a walk. Write 1000 words. Run. Bike. Do jumping jacks. Write a list of what you are grateful for. Get naked and run around the block singing, Sir Mixalot’s “Baby Got Back.” If you don’t find your thing right away, keep trying.

4. Just do something that gets you pumped.

5. Do it first thing. 

6. When you miss a day, don’t quit. Just start up again. You are going to get lazy one morning and stop. Or maybe you’ll quit for a week or even a few months. Just start back up again.


Here are some other examples of morning routines from people I respect: 

3. Join a Posse.


You need someone to have your back throughout this process.

J-Ryze, the postive badass, urban shaman helped me unleash this new phase of my life.

Without him, I’d still be wandering around the Amazon Jungle of My Mind with a dull machete.

Thanks so much, J.


A huge heart, courage like Mother Teresa, and the will of a Zen Buddhist monk can only take you so far.

You need a coach. 


If you want to hire the wisest guy online, hire my coach, J-Ryze.

If you dig my style and want social confidence, hire me.

If you are struggling to find your purpose, hire Jacob.


If you can’t afford one-on-one help now… start saving up.

And in the meantime, join a community.

Join our Posse.

Or join our brand-new Action-Taking group.

You don’t have to go through this process alone.


4. Invest your money.


Money is awesome.

I love money. Do you love money? Will you admit it?

Maybe you have money “problems”… maybe you even hate money, like I used to.

Well… maybe my perspective will help.


Money is a tool to create the world you want.

Picture this…

What if everyone in our Posse had one million dollars?

Could we create more positive change in our world, than if we were broke as a joke?

Heck… yeah!

We would all be building schools, loving on people as we travel, creating art that matters, and giving sweet stuff to the people we care about.


I want more Thoughtful, Caring, and Compassionate people to be rich as fuck…

So we can take over this world.

Now, if it is in your Nature to be the Jesus Man walking the earth without money. I support you. Truly.

Be the True You.

But if you are just clueless about money, uninterested in figuring it out, jealous others can get it easily, or angry some people blow their money on stupid things, then I challenge you to honestly look at yourself.


Can money help you create a better world?

Can money help you take the Adventure of Your Lifetime?

If it can… then start thinking of your money as a tool.

Go read all you can about it.

Study Ramit’s emails and blog.

And invest the money you have to bring more value into your life…

Use your money to grow yourself, your ideas, and the world you envision.




Time-Sensitive Invitation…

You are invited to join a unique Posse within our Posse…

Are you ready to join me in the next phase called Action?

Are you feeling stuck, instead of ZOOM!?

Are you always feeling “behind” and never ON TOP?


You don’t need to be a lazy pothead to check this out.

You don’t need to have a project in mind.

You don’t need to be brilliant to make this happen.

You don’t need to want to travel to join us.


Just ask yourself this question,

“Do you want to be better at taking Action?”

Or this one…

“Do you need to be an Action Rockstar to be your True Self?”

Or maybe this…

“Do you want to create the art in your heart?”


Now, honestly…

“Could you use help?


If you aren’t ready to take action…

Or you are already a whizzing through your life, this offer won’t suit you. No worries… I still dig you. :)


But if you want to get better at getting things done…

And are ready to do the work, I want to make it extremely easy for you.

I want to give you a motivated crew, provide daily pants kickings, watch your back, and make it affordable for ANY BUDGET.

This is the most valuable Action course for the money. Guaranteed.

Click here for the details.

You’ll only have a few days to act on this…

So if it sounds like your Thang… join us.


If 10 people aren’t interested, I won’t bother to create it.

But for being a Pioneer with me, I’d love to offer you a monster discount.

If you don’t click this link… I will punch you. Gosh… how persuasive do I need to be.


Just kidding. I have been writing way too long today. :)


You finished!

Boom-shaka-laka-laka! ;)

I’m sending you some super Love… whoever you are.

Your friend,
- Benjamin

Ps. Please share this post with your crew… maybe someone else is waiting, searching, and struggling with Action too. Maybe this article would make all the difference. Maybe not… your call.

***Muchas Gracias to Angel L. & Ramin K. for the sick photos.


47 Responses to Lazy Pothead Transforms Into Badass Action-Taker… So Can You
  1. Jason "J-Ryze" Fonceca
    October 2, 2012 |




    So f***ing epic.

    Your best post by far, your best offer by far, and I already feel people joining. You’ll have your 10 people and more, you know why?

    Because you love people, and pretty much everyone is insane hungry for more love.


    Thanks for the double-nod in the post, its heaven to me to have exposure for RYZE.

    • Benjamin Oliver Jenks
      October 2, 2012 |

      Mucho love, Comin’ At Yah, Jason!

      Couldn’t be more grateful.:)

      I’m speechless and hitting the SACK.

  2. Lily
    October 2, 2012 |

    That…….. Was……… Oh my god I can’t even put words to it! Go Benjamin! I am defiantly trying.. No, DOING this!

    • Benjamin Oliver Jenks
      October 2, 2012 |

      What up, LILY?!

      So happy to hear it resonated with you.

      HEY… side note… we need to chat about an update. People want to know. Drew at was asking me just last night. Could you send me a quick note about what it was like getting the feedback and what you have decided to do?

      Doesn’t need to be long, just YOU. :)

  3. Cassandra
    October 2, 2012 |

    Benjamin ….I am glad I was in the car with Nikki and Jason. You are a masterpiece ! Keep inspiring and don’t stop writing! I crave your courage and respect that limitless soul….hope to see you soon.

    • Benjamin Oliver Jenks
      October 2, 2012 |

      Mucho mucho love, Cassandra.

      I feel the same about you (and everyone that I’ve been able to have these brief but genuine encounters with). :)

      I always think of how many people have ever lived and will ever live… SHIT… if we are meeting up in this crazy world of Protons, Electrons, and whatever is smaller than that.

      It is special. :)

  4. Jenny
    October 2, 2012 |

    Benjamin! Very inspiring. Exciting. Motivating. How cool you are sharing your experiences with beginners like US! I Admire you passion, believe in you and thank you as well.

    Who else will create a better world? Crazy and mad people who are not afraid of true challenges.

    I am going to act right now!

    Many thanks.

  5. Steve
    October 2, 2012 |

    Very inspiring!

  6. Meg
    October 2, 2012 |

    I dig it, I dig it so much! Glad to hear I’m not considered a hazy, idealistic 20 something because fuck man this is the raw reality of it all, if I’m not feeling alive, doing what I want to do what worth do I have to myself and to my world? Thank you for creating this site and giving me the bouts of inspiration I need when doing your own thing sometimes gets difficult in the face of a world wanting you to conform to the comfortable life. I’m gonna continue to experiment with life and see what haps.


    • Benjamin Oliver Jenks
      October 2, 2012 |

      Welcome Meg!

      Thanks for ballin’ UP and laying down your Truth.

      Means a lot.

      Keep us posted about your Adventures.

  7. Matt Horwitz
    October 2, 2012 |

    My man B Jenks ~ you rocked this so hard man. Love it!!

    ∆ “I wanted to taste it, smoke it, fuck it, and share what I learned.”
    ∆ “I wanted to wake up in the beds of women across the world.”

    Dude, in all honesty, my butt bleeds sometimes too if I wipe too much. Heck, most of the time I use paper towels and wet it with water. Rockin’ out in all transparency!

    Love Alan Watts & Eckart Tolle – have you seen the Symphony of Science video of Alan Watts jamming out about “The Real You” ?:

    Adventure of our Generation needs to be a big ass H1 !

    Love it B!

    Love it man!

    Checking out your offer now….

    • Benjamin Oliver Jenks
      October 2, 2012 |

      Yo Yo…

      You can tell you write an HONEST sentence, when a tear rolls down your cheek.

      I cried when I wrote, “I wanted to taste it, smoke it, fuck it, and share what I hard learned.”

      Thanks brother… Detailed Info on the Adventure of Our Generation Soon

  8. Tierra
    October 2, 2012 |

    Love it!

    I like your story about finding the truth about life.

    No, we don’t have to conform to society, but we can’t be completely selfish either. It’s all about helping each other live our dreams!!

    So excited for you, I can’t wait until I get on the road to freedom, I’m preparing now!

    Love your work : )

    • Benjamin Oliver Jenks
      October 2, 2012 |

      Yo Tierra,

      Thank you!

      Here’s what I realized.

      You must be completely selfish.

      BUT… when I say that… I realize that being completely selfish means that GIVING & SERVING is the way to the UTMOST FULFILLING, ALIVE, and Mucho Delicious life.

      Just eating pizza all day, watching TV, and playing video games might be what you WANT to do for AWHILE… but then if you look around and FEEL your life… you will start to CRAVE more… then hopefully you will seek and FIND.

      I needed to go only think about my SELF to feel the emptiness under my SELF and realize…

      WOAH! There is something much bigger, better, and more fulfilling than this little body and mind.

      Thinking only about my SELf wasn’t that SELFISH at all. ;)

      It kinda sucked… compared to THINKING ABOUT SERVING ALL.

      I’m getting down on THIS!

      So in a way… I am completely selfish.

  9. Ruthie Arevalo
    October 2, 2012 |


    Always putting a slight upward curve on my mouth. :)
    This is the stuff that makes me love people. I love the transformation and the roads people take. The different ways people grow up, and how they form us into…well into people. The whole social norms we take part of as a person within a society, we never even think twice about it, because simply its just how its supposed to be right? Not in the slightest! Fortunately there are people like you, and your posse and hundreds, maybe thousands that break free!!!!!
    Your writing, your story is quite enthralling,whimsical,true, enlightening,inspiring, beautiful, funny, + a long list of adjectives that I could insert.
    Thank you so much for sharing!!!!!
    I love it all.

    • Benjamin Oliver Jenks
      October 2, 2012 |


      I must try harder ;) .

      This is what I love about people too.

      Tell me you are perfect AND my eyes glaze over… I get bored.

      Let’s talk about the REAL things in life.

      Thanks for sharing, Miss Ruthie :)

  10. Sugar Feet
    October 2, 2012 |

    Two years and four days ago I received this message “Did you almost jump out in front of my bike? Actually I am sure it was you.
    It just took me a day. I can’t forget faces.”

    Amazing article/post today. Now is what is important. Man it is beautiful to see who/what you are NOW. I have always loved you and will always love you.

    Keep giving your gift to this world that is full of bliss and piss (we all need a little of both in our lifes)

    True love for all

  11. Sandra
    October 3, 2012 |

    I really love this serie of post!
    I can’t understand how, but you make me ponder about life and adventure. Hard sell? I don’t care, this time I’ll take action. I’ve also just read half of the UNshy Guide, it is really for me.
    Well done!
    Bye :D

    • Benjamin Oliver Jenks
      October 3, 2012 |

      Welcome Sandra… you are one of US. :)

      So happy to have you hear and if you sign up, SUPER SUPER STOKED to work with you on the next level. :)


  12. Matt Inman
    October 3, 2012 |

    Dude! You keep hitting us with pure magic. I think this is the best post of yours that I’ve read so far.

    I could easily feel the emotion and experience behind your words. And obviously, it was a great feeling. If someone can read this and not get inspired at least a bit, there must truly be something wrong with them. Yet I’m sure there are some zombies out there who would roll their eyes.

    Sucks to be them. I’ll be riding on the inspiration of this post for a few days at the least, I’m sure.

    Keep it up man!

    • Benjamin Oliver Jenks
      October 4, 2012 |

      Yo Matt,

      Means a lot that it HIT you.

      AND although I want to agree… You know what I realize, the LANGUAGE and STYLE I use isn’t for everyone.

      Even some BADASS COMPLETELY ROCKIN’ People might not feel this… completely cool.

      A guy I really respect said the post was too “Infommercially to be a Soul Manifesto.”

      I feel like that it is really important for us to remember that the words I am using NORMAL PEOPLE and all… kinda raggin’ on them… is really to inspire in YOU a feeling that you may not realize yet.

      But raggin’ on Normal People or anyone is only one phase… we are going to the phase where we ACCEPT ALL, ALWAYS.

      But now… we kinda need an enemy, right? It helps unite our community.

      But just know that is a tool to use so we can ALIVEN OURSELVES… don’t actually believe me when I rag on the NORMALS.

      It is our duty to ENLIGHTEN and it will be easy.

      AND for some people the BOX that this message comes in. The style. The words. The language. The formatting… just ain’t their thing.

      We love them for their STUBBORNNESS AND Them being THEM… even if they say FUCK US.


      That is how WE roll.

      So many people are rockin’ it, it is SICK. :)

  13. Juan Rosas
    October 3, 2012 |

    Very insightful post bro. Funny you mentioned the routine thang, I was looking into something similar for the last couple off weeks. After reading this, i realized it’s time to stop thinking and start doing. Gonna check out u’r new posse. Thanks for giving me the kick in the ass i needed ;)

  14. Crystal
    October 3, 2012 |

    I cried. It was a good cry. This phrase particularly struck me: “You will NEVER fully grasp your purpose in your mind.” That was freeing. I felt peace all day. Thank you.

    • Benjamin Oliver Jenks
      October 4, 2012 |


      That is what DID it for me too, Crystal.

      What up, Soul Sista?! Connected at the HEART and all. :)

      David Deida said that… AND get this he has a book called, The Way Of The Superior Man.

      Wanna learn about the mind of men… AND women… that is a powerful book.

      I have listened to it so many times.

  15. Risseth!
    October 3, 2012 |

    ohhh my holy shit! how awesome. I disconnected from my emails just a few days and all these its happening.
    Awesome post!! I absolutely love everything you write.. so deep and true. Like real life.
    I wish I could join!! but have no credit card :( its so cheap! damn!

  16. Rebecka
    October 4, 2012 |

    DAAAAAAAAAMN!!!!!!! THAT WAS THE BEST POST EVER!!!! Everyone should join!

    • Benjamin Oliver Jenks
      October 4, 2012 |




  17. Joris Wilbers
    October 4, 2012 |

    Great post Benjamin,

    Everything you touch turns into gold!
    Just signed up!
    And I’m ready for this, ready to take action!

    Also this couldn’t have come at a better time.
    It’s like you can read my mind ;)

    Much love from the Netherlands!

  18. Katie
    October 5, 2012 |

    I just looked in my Gmail archive and realized I’ve been getting your emails for…a year. Wow. I read most of them. Some come to me when I’m not in the right place to let them in (less important things get in the way). But every one I do open inspires me, even if I don’t find whatever it is I’m looking for in that moment to make me take action. It’s like you’re reaching through every email with a long stick, poking me, telling me to get my shit together and go be awesome. It wasn’t until the last couple days that something clicked. I don’t have a lot of faith because I’ve been here before, on step one, full of motivation, starting to make changes. And then my old routine of self-neglect and inaction take over again.

    But, I wanted to tell you you’re the bomb. And, today, you (and your posse) and Leo and Jon and Maneesh and Jacob and Chris, and all the amazing aphorisms and bits of wisdom contained in this post made me want to stop wasting moments of my life not being the best version of myself I can be and not sharing that person with the world. Because I have a lot of awesome to share. And right now it’s being squandered in the depths of my imagination and closed pages of my sketchbooks.

    And if a stranger said that to me, it would make me happier than I can imagine. So thank you for sharing you. And helping me share me. I’m glad you tasted, smoked, fucked and wrote about it. And also that your butt stopped bleeding.


    Peace & love & art…

    • Benjamin Oliver Jenks
      October 5, 2012 |

      Yo Katie,

      hahaha… So am I. Yowza!

      So happy to hear you share your truth… BUT AND WELL…

      I’m going to point out that from where I’m sitting, you look like you are NOT SQUANDERING… but you have been MARINADING…

      After writing this post, I feel like the stage before MONSTER ACTION is building up the SAUCE, CONFIDENCE, and INFORMATION to explode to ACTION, then to the even more advanced stages of BADASS.

      You are doing your journey now and I love that whatever you are doing… brought you to right here, NOW to write this comment.

      You just gave me a MONSTER GIFT right there.

      Thank you.

      Keep me posted on your IMPEDING EXPLOSION… I want to WATCH THAT SHIT… GET ME SOME POPCORN :)

  19. Janet
    October 15, 2012 |

    ok, I love how you roll. This right here makes me feel like drinking beers with you or smoking pot and I don’t even really do those things. Or have some weird issue/hangups about what those things entail like crazy hippies. Even though, yeah, ok, I kind of am, but nevermind. I love your writing style. Writing ‘voice’. It’s funny and makes me think mine is dull and I need to shake it up because I was funny once. Or can be. And dude, there are some mo’fo motivated potheads! For sure, you can be both. I remember meeting some who opened their own go kart business and were killing it in the local arena.. I was so amazed! Potheads can have a business?? it was seriously a revelation. And then I was like, well fuck, I can too… RIGHT?? But that was way before I was on this path and still at a day job.

    • Benjamin Oliver Jenks
      October 15, 2012 |

      Haha… happy to hear it. Kinda cracks me up sometimes talking to people who have never smoked pot. Devil Hippy weed! ;) Then, I’m hanging at Burning Man and some guy has a tiny vaporizer tinged coconut oil (so there is no smoke) telling me it is medicine.

      I sit somewhere in between.

      I like pot… and will still use it on occasion… but taking a mad break, because I’m diggin’ WORK.

      But if we were hanging in the slums… we’d smoke a joint together. ;)

      • janet
        October 15, 2012 |

        LOL! Yep, the slums is a great place to smoke a joint… that’s for sure. ;)

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  21. Iris
    November 5, 2012 |

    Dude, this was incredible. SO MUCH INSPIRATION! Takin action right now: Signed up for your email list. Now tell me that is a step in the right direction. :)

    Lots of love from Germany to you, Mr. Adventure!


    • Benjamin Oliver Jenks
      November 5, 2012 |

      YO Iris… Welcome to our Posse! :)

      Happy to hear it resonated with you… AND looking forward to getting to know you.

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