What The Heck Is “Purpose”… & Why Should You Care?

This is the fifth post in our series, How To Take The Adventure Of Your Lifetime.

We are talking specifically about Purpose for a couple weeks, so please leave your comments below with questions, thoughts, and struggles… so we can help. :)


Let me tell you a story about a man, who found his purpose and transformed our world.

But he never felt like a special man.




He was an average man… with an average intelligence.

He was pretty broke… and had no special talents.

He was a mediocre student… and he lacked courage.

Mohandas was just a Normal Guy.




In fact, he was a failure.

He had studied to be a lawyer… but he was too shy to speak up in court.

He was stubborn too… and would get into arguments with judges and other lawyers.

Mohandas was a horrible lawyer.


If you had looked at Mohandas’ life in his 20′s…

You would have seen a shy and unsuccessful schmuck.

Have you ever felt like that?


Mohandas might be just like you.

In fact, you are probably less shy… more intelligent… and have more access to resources than he did.

And Mohandas freed a nation.


Yo… you know we are talking about Gandhi here, right? ;)

Although the people of India refer to him as the Mahatma… “Great Soul”…

In Christianity, he would be a saint.

Millions worship him.

Millions did anything to hear him speak a word.

Countless people rubbed the sand he walked on on their forehead…

Because they were so grateful, he gave his gift to the world.


Gandhi found his purpose and transformed from an unsuccessful failure…

To a living God.


But your purpose doesn’t have to free a nation.


Maybe you just want to create a successful travel blog.

Maybe you just want to make a living playing music.

Maybe you just want to show people your videos.

Maybe you just want to travel around the world.

Yo… your purpose could be anything that comes from your True Self.


I’m a Swagger coach + video artist + author + adventurer + dude with a monster beard.

I’m helping 10,000 Thoughtful People come alive by 2017.

This is my purpose.

It is my unique, one-of-a-kind gift for the world.


But I have only pretty recently found my purpose.

In fact… I spent a lot of sleepless nights worrying I would never find it.

I was fucking terrified I would be worthless.


I wanted my purpose to pop out of my head like a beautiful newborn baby.

I wanted my purpose to sound catchy as heck.

I wanted my purpose to make me a ton of money in an instant.

I wanted my purpose to be something no one had ever thought of.

But I was trying so hard to FIND MY PURPOSE…

I didn’t realize…

My purpose was with me all along. :)



Now, I can split my life into two periods…

BP and AP.

Before Purpose and After Purpose.

In Before Purpose, my life was filled with daily toil. Worry. Anxiety. Hollowness. And I was terrified, I would never find my calling.

I struggled against the struggle of life.

I felt like I was pissing my energy away on projects I didn’t care about.

I felt like I was pouring my precious Life Force into ideas I didn’t believe in.

I felt like an actor in the play of Life.

That I just had to play my part… act good… please others… and happiness, love, and dreams would come.

But I was wrong.


If you were to look at my life in my 20′s, you would thought… “Wow, what a great, nice, thoughtful guy.”

I was running a school and changing the lives of troubled kids. I had great friends. I had beautiful girlfriends. I had a nice house. I had a growing 401k. My family was proud.

I was making a difference in the world.

And if you asked me…

I would have said that I lived a ‘rewarding’ life.


But I didn’t realize another life was possible.

Or if I did… I wasn’t the kind of guy that could make that life happen.

Even though I knew there was something huge in me.


I was constantly waiting for tomorrow to be my True Self.

I was waiting for tomorrow to create the art in my heart.

I was waiting for tomorrow to speak my mind.

I was waiting for tomorrow to take action on my dreams.

Fortunately, tomorrow… became today.


Because I was hurting.

I felt so angry. So hollow. So Un-Me.

So fortunately…

I went on a wild adventure to find my purpose.


It wasn’t always pretty.

It wasn’t always good.

It wasn’t always healthy.

But it was the Real Me.


And in a few years… I felt what I needed to do to die complete.

I knew without any doubts what I could give to the world.

And that living my purpose is more fun and rewarding…

Than any of the wild adventures I had embarked on up until this point.

After Purpose had begun.


Ahhh…. and it sure feels good.

Now my days flow with ease.

I have direction.

I work on projects I love.

I serve the world in a way that is natural and easy for me.

I feel full, alive, and joyous.


I feel like a Living God…

And I’m just getting started. :)




Your purpose will radically change your life.


And it is here right now.

It has always been with you.

And it will always be with you, whether you choose to harness the power of it or not.


“Yo… Benjamin… I know Gandhi ruled… and I’m diggin’ being a part of the Posse here… BUT…”

You feel different, right?

You don’t have the artistic talent… your art sucks.

You don’t have the motivation… you procrastinate like a mother.

You can’t write… your blog only has 28 followers.

You aren’t creative enough… you don’t see the value in your contributions.

You don’t have the money to start… you can barely pay your rent.

And you are living in Boringville, Ohio.


“AHHHhhh… I want my Purpose NOW!”

You want your blog to be HUGE.

You want your music to be LOVED.

You want your photographs to be SHARED.

You want your videos to be VIRAL.

You want your gifts to be APPRECIATED.

And you want your business to make you RICH.


Yo… I hear you. :)


I’ve been answering a lot of questions through email and I hear you now.

You are welcome here and I am devoting the next couple weeks to helping YOU find your purpose.

But you need to do me a favor…



Take a few huge breaths.

Look around at the successful elements of your life now…

The people who love you.

The unique art you have created.

The truthful post you wrote on your blog.

The experiences you have had that are special to you.

And the choices you have made in your life to bring you HERE… NOW.

Say… Ahhhhh…. for me please. :)


You are right where you need to be… NOW.

You are perfect as you are.

I love the ‘fucked up’ aspects of you…

And each of those can be converted into your greatest strengths…

And a story that will connect others to your cause.


Over the next couple weeks I will be teaching you all I know about purpose.

I will be posting an interview I did with Jacob of Sensophy.com, who is a Coach, author, and a video-blogging New York dude, who specifically focuses on helping people like you find Purpose.

I’m asking my rockstar friends, how they found their purpose…

And I will be sharing a handful of exercises that have helped me.


But before we do that… I need your help.

Please share your struggles with your purpose in the comments.

  • What is it like for you not having your purpose?
  • What do you think your purpose is?
  • What questions do you have about purpose?
  • How could I help you find your purpose?




Please share your Truth with our Posse below.


It will help me… help you.

It will help others… who don’t have the courage or time to share.

It will help you… by starting to share your Truth today.


Thanks… yo! :)

Please share this article with your friends too. (I’d rather be making sweet articles, art, and videos than spamming the world with this TRUTH… please SPAM them for me ;) ).

We need your help to reach more Thoughtful People.


You rule.


Your friend,





45 Responses to What The Heck Is “Purpose”… & Why Should You Care?
  1. Ed
    October 15, 2012 |

    I know exactly what you’re talking about. I’m deep in this at the moment, the search that is. I jump from idea to idea massively an lack the focus on specific details most important to me. I’m honing in on my unique abilities everyday. I think I get closer each day that is. As an artist Musician/producer/performer I can listen /talk/produce music all friggin day so my purpose is in there somewhere. Still struggling with it though. I mean yeah i like it but am i any good at it?? Is it ok to suck at your life purpose? Much of my purpose involves a very anti social life of being stuck in a pair of headphones in front of a laptop, However the performance side is on a complete other level. Performing to hundreds of people can make you feel invincible. It’s the ups and downs of finding fulfillment in my purpose in everyday. Finding the drive to push on. Man does that make sense?

    • Benjamin Oliver Jenks
      October 16, 2012 |

      Yo, I completely hear you ED.

      YES… it is okay to suck at your life purpose. In fact it is ESSENTIAL. When you find your calling your TASTE will be so refined… but it takes years to hone your SKILLS.


      Makes so much sense…

      All great creators spend a lot of time alone. Essential to our process.

      I spend so many hours, writing, editing, meditating, thinking… but I love people, right?

      Then I go out and rock it out and get so jazzed up by the energies of people… all to go back and transform that energy into creations.

      You are on the right path… don’t rush out of the sloppy sucky phase.

      Embrace the fact that you have freedom to fuck up a ton, without having a major public backlash… :) (You won’t be anonymous long)

      • Ed
        October 16, 2012 |

        nice , thanks man. I like how this discussion keeps coming up in your blogs. It’s a vital piece of the puzzle!

  2. Marry
    October 15, 2012 |


  3. Steve
    October 15, 2012 |

    Hey Benjamin,

    I’m still trying to find my purpose, have no idea what it is? I’m currently backpacking. Hopefully I come across it on my journey.

    • Benjamin Oliver Jenks
      October 16, 2012 |

      My man, Jacob from Sensophy.com will be on Adventure Sauce later this week… and I love how he talks about the first phase of your purpose…

      Is just finding your purpose. That is your purpose now.

      So go have some fun, experiment, read the info I’ll be droppin’ on yo’ ass :) , and keep digging… it is inside you right now. :)

  4. janet
    October 15, 2012 |

    you may not be gandhi but reading your blog is helping me find my purpose. see, part of finding purpose is finding your right crowd, who you resonate or want to resonate with.. and then finding the voice to fit that crowd or what YOUR true voice is naturally like that would naturally attract X crowd. I actually feel I haven’t been blogging in my true voice. I’m getting closer to my purpose, but blogging is HARD. and i remember when i had funny blog posts and getting comments that I’m funny. so I want to go back to that. and that happy place where blogging should be easy. that made my heart smile more. it’s hard figuring out and adapting a writing voice almost as much as it is trying to figure out your true self. this shit’s hard, dog!!!

    • Benjamin Oliver Jenks
      October 16, 2012 |

      Yo, Janet! Completely…

      I felt a real release when I stopped HOLDING BACK… and just starting LETTING ME FLOW.

      FUCK IT, right?

      It isn’t like I’m on MTV right now… and millions will be offended. Use anonymity to experiment like a mo’fo and see what feels like the TRUE HOT SEXY ASS YOU VOICE.

      And we love that it is hard, right? If we were the easy types… we’d be working some easy job in an easy place.

      I don’t want to read your blog if it is easy… if you just made IT. Right?

      I want to read about a TRUE STORY OF A MODERN DAY GODDESS. :)

      We are warriors. Panda Beasts. Sauce Posse-ists. Truth in our hearts and love spurting from our ears.

      Elizabeth Kulber-Ross says something great, “Beautiful people do not just happen.”

      Let us know how this goes for you Janet

  5. Ed
    October 16, 2012 |

    I know exactly what you’re talking about. I’m deep in this at the moment, the search that is. I jump from idea to idea massively an lack the focus on specific details most important to me. I’m honing in on my unique abilities everyday. I think I get closer each day that is. As an artist Musician/producer/performer I can listen /talk/produce music all friggin day so my purpose is in there somewhere. Still struggling with it though. I mean yeah i like it but am i any good at it?? Is it ok to suck at your life purpose? Much of my purpose involves a very anti social life of being stuck in a pair of headphones in front of a laptop, However the performance side is on a complete other level. Performing to hundreds of people can make you feel invincible. It’s the ups and downs of finding fulfillment in my purpose in everyday. Finding the drive to push on. Man does that make sense?

  6. Alessandra
    October 16, 2012 |

    What is it like for you not having your purpose?
    It is surviving, day after day, knowing there is something more than work for a bunch of money and stay with my beloved ones, waiting for rest days.

    What do you think your purpose is?
    It is something that involves helping others, maybe simply giving directions in a office, or answering the phone, but in an environment where I know I’m doing something worth it. I want to be a happier person and want to make people connecting with me happier.

    What questions do you have about purpose?
    How can I transform a this feeling into something useful?

    How could I help you find your purpose?
    Find the answer to *how to “help and be happy” can be my Purpose in a more defined shape?*. Ok, only I can answer, although not now yet ;D

    • Benjamin Oliver Jenks
      October 16, 2012 |

      Asking the questions is so important though, Alessandra…

      So important.

      Most people ignore these questions because they are HARD, even PAINFUL, right?

      If you let the Truth of your current reality really hit you… the life you have built is yours and was created solely by YOU… That is painful, right?

      BUT… deep down under that pain, discomfort, and churning belly… and boring days… and tedious work… is a TRUTH that only you can express. It is with you now… it is where these questions are coming from AND you have MAD COURAGE for asking them in PUBLIC.

      Yo… mad props to you, right?

      How many people just eat like 50 more cheeseburgers (I love cheeseburgers) drink like 50 more beers (I love beer) and buy 50 more video games (I don’t play them, because I would love them).

      You are living your purpose now… and if you want to change the tangible reality around you… you completely can.

      It won’t happen tomorrow or even in a year… Maybe not 5 years… Heck… maybe not 10-15 years…

      But our lives are long and we can always have the lives we want.

      So happy you spilled your truth with us.

  7. Jason "J-Ryze" Fonceca
    October 16, 2012 |

    Dude, this is absolutely movingly beautiful.

    Your writing and expression is so good.

    I LOVE your purpose.

    10,000 are coming alive, you’re doing it with posts like this.

    “Now, I can split my life into two periods…

    BP and AP.

    Before Purpose and After Purpose.

    In Before Purpose, my life was filled with daily toil. Worry. Anxiety. Hollowness. And I was terrified, I would never find my calling.”

    I have a really moving story to share, similar to Gandhi’s, it’s kinda long, should I do it in the comments??

  8. Jerri
    October 16, 2012 |

    Hey Benjamin!

    I have an idea of part of what my purpose is…to write music and/or writings that will cause the listeners and readers to take a moment to think about where they are in their lives at that moment and take some kind of action to change it. The thing is getting off the idea that I need to be insanely good at it before getting it out there.

  9. Matt Inman
    October 16, 2012 |

    This post hit home with me more than any of your other recent ones. I struggle with discovering my purpose almost every single day. But I’m starting to realize that this struggle is merely a part of the process. I also juggle a ton of different ideas that I think could possibly be “my purpose”. There are some common themes in those ideas though: helping others in some way and traveling/seeing the world.
    So, I guess my questions for you on this Ben are…
    When you found “your purpose” did you know right away that, “Yes, this is it! This is what I’m supposed to do!” or was it more of working through different ideas and coming to a conclusion that one thing meant more to you than others?
    Also, do you feel that your job was vital in helping you find your purpose? And was it vital in allowing you to obtain financial stability that was useful in letting you pursue your purpose creatively without having financial concerns?
    In my case, I’m a college senior undergrad now with accumulated debt but I want to start doing AWESOME SHIT (i.e. traveling) right after I graduate. The problem is I won’t really have the financial security to give me many options in doing this that also allow me to explore potential possibilities for “my purpose”. I know everyone says to not focus on the financial aspects and just do what ya gotta do, but sometimes it really troubles me that I want be able to do the things I really want right away and may first have to find a “real job” to give me the freedoms I desire. Do I necessarily have to suffer in this way initially? Sorry for the long rant but would love your thoughts on these things.
    Peace & Love, Awesome post!

    • Benjamin Oliver Jenks
      October 17, 2012 |

      Yo Matt… happy to hear the ‘rant’!

      And I have a number of things to say.

      The process of ‘discovering’ your purpose takes time and struggle… unless you have avoided cultural conditioning… (aka lived in a mountain village alone somewhere).

      I wish I had heard about having different phases of your purpose… and one of your first purpose’s… is to find your purpose. :)

      So I say look at the positives of this time… play, experiment, do your passions, and try a lot of things out. See what you love, what hits you in the heart, and what doesn’t.

      “When you found “your purpose” did you know right away that, “Yes, this is it! This is what I’m supposed to do!” or was it more of working through different ideas and coming to a conclusion that one thing meant more to you than others?”

      I did… but here’s the thing…

      I realized my purpose after I got into a car accident. Boom! Ouch!

      Woah… the strange state that follows a big head bump made me see that…

      I loved people.

      I always had.

      And I needed to stop seeking so furiously… and start working on creating things based around my love for people. To be right here AND I started to feel my purpose in my body.

      BUT… I wish I had just chilled out… experimented, relaxed, and wasn’t so furiously seeking my purpose… I just felt so close to it… I was trying to force it to happen.

      Boom! It did. :)

      But your purpose is with you now… so just start working on it every day (meaning: do something to work towards it every day).

      “Also, do you feel that your job was vital in helping you find your purpose? And was it vital in allowing you to obtain financial stability that was useful in letting you pursue your purpose creatively without having financial concerns?”

      Yes… running that school for troubled kids gave me confidence to go after my purpose.

      And having money is pretty essential. I had 10 grand in the bank… and I’ve taken another 10 grand out of my retirement fund to be able to do this…

      Anyone who tells you money doesn’t matter is full of it… myself included. :)

      I realized this recently and have been devoting a lot of time to learning about money… and that is the next section we will be tackling after we are done with purpose.

      I say… there are many opportunities for work now… that would be in the same line as your purpose… so look towards them. Like maybe writing Web Content online (I wrote a detailed post about how to do that awhile back). But it will take time, effort, and your dollars if your purpose revolves around traveling the world and helping.

      Yo! The next few months are going to be devoted to this topic though… so keep letting me know how I can help.

    • Benjamin Oliver Jenks
      October 17, 2012 |

      Oh yeah… but you can do cool shit now.

      Start practicing doing cool shit everyday… no matter what job you have or where you are.

      • Matt Inman
        October 17, 2012 |

        Powerful! Thanks, man. Looking forward to the rest of this series and the next.

  10. Risseth!
    October 17, 2012 |

    oh man my purpose..
    its becoming a habit of mine to comment on every new post you write, you must be tired to see me here and on facebook hahaha
    anyway my purpose, I know I want to leave, I always knew it, even when I didn’t exactly have it figure it out. Now I have figure it out, I need to get out of here and see the world.
    I remember the time I went to England, I felt the most myself there than I’ve ever felt.. it was exactly for me.. everything was right. It was the most amazing 3 months in my life.
    I need to feel myself again.. you know?

    Once I start travelling I want to find my true purpose, my contribution to the world, I don’t want to just travel, I want to help people, connect, be fucking awesome. Be the person my grandchildren will say: That’s my grandma, she inspires me, she did this, this and this, and went here and did this and this..

    I think I’m on the right track, I just feel it in my guts, and hey I have 39 followers in my blog hahaha, that’s something considering I started to blog consistently last month :)

    keep up with the good posts :D you inspire me!

    • Benjamin Oliver Jenks
      October 17, 2012 |

      I love it Risseth!

      This post was partially inspired by you… so I’m happy to hear from you. :)

      And I want to keep hearing from you. :)

      39 followers is completely awesome… and if I only had one piece of advice, RISSETH.

      CHILL OUT. ;)

      Just relax… do cool shit NOW… learn to ‘travel’ and adventure and help people, connect, be fucking awesome, and do the shit that will make your grandchildren proud… now.

      Then when you are traveling the world again… you will be a freakin’ PRO.

      Stay in touch!

  11. Rebecka
    October 17, 2012 |

    The hard thing about not having your purpose all planned out is the thought of not being sure and that’s difficult to connect your emotions to, because it feels so good to know, right?

    The other side is telling you to relax, taking it day by day, working your way from home the town you’ve been raised in, to find your own home. First step is leaving, if only for a couple of kilometres…

    With this in writing, I can’t believe I’m finally leaving for a while.
    Going in two weeks, going on for two months.
    Best feeling ever.

    Best quote ever:
    ‘’ I love the ‘’fucked up’’ aspects of you… ‘’


    • Benjamin Oliver Jenks
      October 17, 2012 |

      YES!!! Congrats! Boom!

      So happy you are sharing with us, Rebecka.

      Yeah… that the thought that your purpose will always change can be scary… You could be rockin’ it one minute… and then the next… you are gonna have to change it up. ;) Although it is more consistent than that… but I hear that fear.

      I use to be more worried about that and as I settled more into my purpose… there is such a strong faith… that it doesn’t matter what the expression of my purpose is…

      I’m gonna be right HERE. :)

  12. Nikki Wynn
    October 17, 2012 |

    Preparing for an adventure can be an overwhelming process, stay focused and enjoy the ride. Keep on inspiring other Benjamin, you rock!

  13. Ruth Arevalo
    October 17, 2012 |

    I seem to always be so long winded and write novels. :P Yet today I want to do the same, but I will keep it short.(I hope;))
    After reading all the comments its really inspiring just to see that we are or we will always be in this boat of seeking out our initial purpose or continuing to build more and finding new ways to expand in our purposes.
    The one thing I always tell people about traveling is that it teaches me patience all over again. I feel that a lot of us are coming from a state of societies that are always about knowing and getting the answers and wanting an explanation because well its nice to know. Yet we lack patience sometimes, we lack confidence in spontaneous or time driven aspects of life.
    I dont even have to travel much now as I work with refugees from all over the world, and they bring this ease with them and happiness and joy in small accomplishments. I cherish the times I get to talk, work with, or help them because they let me be patient. As I bring this up, mostly because as I traveled to remote places, I learned that most of these individuals from small villages spent there lives waiting. Waiting for governments to go through with what they promised, waiting for opportunities to learn, waiting for opportunities to share, waiting for opportunities to do what they love doing, yet some opportunities have limits and yet people still find the ways of life they are to live.
    I always wondered if these individuals found their purpose or did they always just wait for an opportunity? I have to believe that their ease and constant positive outlook tells me they find purpose in their lives, but its just so FREAKING interesting.
    I am always put back into line,by my interactions with people from all over the world. I would come back from traveling and get stuck back in my routine, and get into this sick mess of just wondering what the HELL AM I DOING? What is it that I am supposed to do? WHy? what? who? when? I just want answers! But I would go to a home and talk just of simple life of a family that I was working with and it just so eye opening. It puts me back in line and shows me that I need to stop wanting so much and just let things go with the paths of life………..
    I may know my purpose, but it still is growing.I still have quirks, and knots to work out. Yet I think this is the beauty of it all. Even when we look up to the people of history or present day that are doing what we want or creating through their own purpose, they struggle with new things all the time. It wasnt just set in stone and things get simple after we find what we or they wanted to do or find the lifestyle they were to live.
    One of my favorite quotes I have heard,
    Is that happiness is not this constant state, we have to fight for it everyday.
    I take that to heart. There are so many things that can happen at the drop of a dime and we have to choose how we can maneuver around to keep ourselves going.

    Benjamin you are such an INSPIRATION! thanks for the writing and sharing and just being such a great communicator.!

    Look forward to more.

    • Benjamin Oliver Jenks
      October 17, 2012 |

      Please keep writing novels, Ruth. :)

      Lot of good honest stuff in here.

      And I would just add one word you didn’t use… but is in there that I connect strong with is FAITH.

      When you settle into your purpose, relax, and take a breath… there is a resounding FAITH… you don’t need to get anywhere perse or achieve stuff to be happy… you have faith that what comes up… you will be able to handle…

      And if you can’t… well, then you have FAITH that this is how life unfolds. Death happens. I probably stepped on an ant today… but there is no funeral… no great fear…

      It just happened.

      Same will happen with us. :)

      • Ruth Arevalo
        October 17, 2012 |

        You just made me have this 30 minute thought session. :)

        How and what you replied kind of struck me. Mostly because of the simple word “faith”
        This lexeme in my lexicon in my brain that I can utter anytime, yet I thought to myself while I read this, I dont think I have used or even thought of that word in years.
        Of course I get it. Yet, I then asked why I dont use this word to describe things like what I had written above.
        Strangely “faith” to me has the connotation of religion and how I was raised. After my parents died, of course I questioned and things rolled out the way they did, yet its interesting, because the word or idea faith has never been used since then. I know faith can have so many meanings and it doesnt even have to be related to religion but my whole perception of even how such a small morpheme can turn my thoughts so upside down has me actually quite intrigued!
        Anyways I just wanted to say thanks, because now I am just in deep thought understanding myself even more!!!!!
        I take what you say above and I realize I dont really call it faith, I have just always seen it as an understanding of life. Things happen for a reason and whether i know the reason behind it or not its just the way I understand life as it is.
        Thoughts rushing through my brain..
        Thanks Benjamin :)

        • Benjamin Oliver Jenks
          October 19, 2012 |

          Sweet… I love to help people see themselves more clearly.

          My Mom went to Catholic School, yet then decided to go her own way. I only went to church with my Nana. So there isn’t baggage with the word.

          But the word doesn’t matter it can just point us places… call it what you will.

          Happy it is pointed you to some understand of you.

          I use God a lot too and think I use it in a way that other people don’t use it.

          Eckhart Tolle’s version of God is how I think of God. :)

  14. Kyle
    October 17, 2012 |

    I love your website. Today has to be the first day of my Journey, where it will go i have no idea! Yesterday i had my final court date on my divorce, The girl i fell in love with in Colombia South America 6 years ago. The girl who i was thinking i was going to be with for the rest of my life, She was my love, I am now alone and don’t know where to go. I have one sure thing in my life which is work. That has only been the most steady part of my life, everything else has not been so steady. So i am Committee to change who i am and where my life is going, I hope it will be a fun ride :)

    • Benjamin Oliver Jenks
      October 17, 2012 |


      Thanks for sharing your Truth, Kyle.

      All our relationships will always end. :) So happy to hear you are plunging forth into life to see what else is in store for you and not getting stuck in the past (although I’m sure it is a challenge ;) ).

      Keep us posted!

  15. Annie Andre
    October 19, 2012 |

    Happy Happy birthday.
    Bonne Anniversaire.

    I hear what your saying. I think the hardest thing for people to do, especially if you have a family is to live your purpose and have that idea life you think you are supposed to have. Sometimes your purpose doesn’t align with your other goals in life and you have to make a choice.

    I’m so lucky because i’ve always loved to travel and explore the world and we’ve been able to travel as a family a lot. I’ve always wondered what would have happened if my husband hated to travel or my kids were bratty american kids and didnt’ want to travel. what would i do? Travel alone part of the year? anywho

    My current purpose is to help other families do the same thing my family has been able to do. Take a life break to travel long term.. Since taking on this project i feel so much more fulfilled. But damn is it hard work..

    • Benjamin Oliver Jenks
      October 19, 2012 |

      Yo thanks Annie! :)

      Thanks for sharing too…

      It sounds like you have made decisions and built a life around your purpose. SWEET! A lot of people don’t actually do that… and when they realize their purpose they are hit with a HARD, GULPING realization… that the life they have created is so far removed from who they are.

      That realization is like a hit to the face… especially if children, marriage, and huge financial engagements are involved.

      And if your goals don’t reflect your purpose… then you set those goals up while being unconscious of your purpose. Or ignorant that you need to set up goals around your purpose.


      It is true that we must take care of our daily responsibilities. Our family, our job, & our partners… if we have engaged in commitments… then we must meet them as we honor our purpose. But we must start honoring our purpose too… every day… NOW… Even if that is just starting with 5 minutes to an hour a day.

      We must honor our purpose daily as a way to honor all of our commitments too… Can someone who is hollow and dead care for anyone? And for someone who is fully alive… doesn’t love and care flow out of them in every moment (even if they just give you a look)?

  16. Nate
    October 30, 2012 |

    New to your site and have been devouring everything I’m reading and watching.

    Reading the comments made me have a couple thoughts…

    I do a lot of long distance hiking and I tell people I love it because it strips things down to what I see as lifes 4 most basic elements…

    1. I can survive maybe 48-72hours without water and I’m dead. This is my priority on my hikes.

    2. I can maybe go 2 weeks without food. Next priority.

    3. Shelter is also a must, especially if it’s cold, wet, or way too hot.

    4. The final and probably most critical element that comes out of my trips is PURPOSE. Survival is only necessary if you have a reason to survive. When I’m in nature I don’t care about what is happening in the news or on Facebook. I only care about what I’m experiencing. My purpose becomes my own enrichment and experience. It’s important I survive and meet needs 1-3 so I can continue to experience beautiful things. That’s all that really matters to me in the trail. Survival and enrichment.

    The other thought was another commenter mentioned ‘my current purpose’. I thought that was a brilliant observation that your purpose can change and evolve. You don’t have to figure it all out at once. Follow your heart and let it guide you through all kinds of places and things.

    As far as my own purpose? I grew up without a dad and have always wanted to be a great father someday. But I’m 30 and single and can’t wait around for that to happen. So I quit my well paying essy job and moved to Australia last year. I’ve been on the road (and actually sea – working on yachts at the moment) for over a year with no plans to return home in sight. I had known for a while that I needed to get out. I’m fully entrenched in that find my ‘current’ purpose phase. We’ll see what comes out of it all.

    Keep it rockin brotha!

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