Ask The Readers: How Do You Want To Make Money As You Travel?



Every month or so… I ask you a question…


And you write your WISE answers in the comments. :)

So please take a minute and post your answer below… even if it is something short. It means a lot to our Posse.

Last month, I asked our readers, What is the Adventure Of Your Lifetime? and there were 86 comments on that post…

A lot of people saying how inspired they were.


Today we are talking about the subject I get the most questions about readers… Money.

You know…

The Benjamins.

The Scrilla.

The Cheddar.

And those Big Fat Dollar Bills.



So… how do YOU want to make money as you travel?


Or… how do you want to make money as you adventure (if you aren’t traveling)?

AND… how do you make money now?

***If you already are pulling in location independent money, what do you do?

Add your thoughts to the comments please.


Over the past 14 months at Adventure Sauce… I haven’t talked much about money.

We’ve talked about How To Sleep For Free, Being Alive, Taking Action, and Finding Your Purpose (among other things)…

But I’ve been deliberately avoiding teaching you about money.

I’ve been waiting.

I’ve been learning.

And I’ve been experimenting.


I only teach you stuff that I’m good at…

And I have (sort of) sucked with money most of my life. :/


Not because I’m an idiot…

But because I just had other things to do.

I’d rather be talking to someone, taking a photograph, making a video, or traveling somewhere…

Than reading all about niches, marketing, and revenue streams.

Plus, I thought money was evil… and I was too GOOD and NOBLE to devote any time to it.

BUT then… I noticed something.




Money is the best tool ever.

You can nourish your body… with money.

You can have time to devote to anything… with money.

You can buy your Nana a trip to her old neighborhood in Queens…

Or bring your Mom to Paris for a couple weeks to tell her how much she rocks. 


Hell… with money you can help 10,000 Thoughtful Adventurers come alive by 2017…

So each one of them can impact the world in their own unique and BADASS way. 


Money ain’t so bad…

 ***But you knew that already, right? :)


And not all people with money are greedy assholes.

In fact, some dudes are pretty damn awesome.

Guys like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Paulo Coelho, and Derek Sivers seem to be putting their money to good use.


Oh yeah… and secretly (sshh!) I want to be filthy rich.

Just like I wanted to experience being a homeless, hitchhiking bum…

I wonder what it is like to have oodles of money.

Sounds pretty fun to me.

And I’ve managed to figure out living rich without much money…

So I’m betting I could put that dough to good use. :)


And I can travel around the world… IN STYLE.

I want to create some very useful things.

I want to meet some very badass people.

I want to eat tasty things.

And I want to experience as much as I can.


I know I just could grab a job… and work my butt off for a couple years and then go.

But I want to go sooner… and I want to be able to keep going if I want to…

Or stop… whenever…

And I want a career that I can continue building on for my lifetime.


So… I started learning all I could about money…

And it was pretty damn tedious.

I read a bunch of books that would bore your tail off.

I took a few courses that would make you fall asleep.

And I started trying to make money in all sorts of weird ways.




Here’s a short list of the wacky ways I’ve made money (or tried) as I traveled:

  • I started a blog about the Goodness of People
  • I was an SEO guy (sort of)
  • I wrote a book called The 5-Minute Guide To Online Dating (almost)
  • I was a dating coach (sort of)
  • I wrote SEO articles
  • I hired a bunch of other people to write SEO articles
  • I made travel videos for a travel video website (this was pretty cool)
  • I sold books I got for free on Ebay

And as you might have guessed… none of those were the right fit for me.

***Got any weird things you’ve done to make money as you traveled?


But each of those ventures did teach me new skills…

And each one gave me another hunk of confidence to work towards what I really wanted to do.


Now… I’m a professional adventurer. :)

I make between 1,200$ and 2,000$ a month from anywhere.

I still write freelance articles about dating and make between 100$ and 10$ an hour.

This takes between 10 and 15 hours a week…

Sometimes 20, if I get slammed with writer’s block.


While most of my time is spent…

Writing articles, editing photos, and making videos about adventure…

Drinking coffee in the sunshine…

Riding my bike on some nearby trails…

Watching the best online videos on Vimeo

Reading books about photography in the local bookstore…

Having a few IPAs at the local pub…

Teaching thoughtful people how to take action

Coaching shy people how to talk to people

AND soon…

Teaching you how to become a professional adventurer too.


Of course… I can’t teach you everything about money.

You are going to spend a few years and…

Read all the boring books,

Take the tedious courses,

Study with the rich millionaires,

And try out a bunch of unsuccessful shit for youself to learn that.


But I can teach you how to make 1000$ a month as you travel.

I can teach you to be a professional adventurer.

I can teach you to be a pro writer in a month.

I can show you how to set up a coaching business.

I can teach you how to make videos people will watch.

And I can show you how to choose your most profitable skills (the ones you enjoy… not the shitty ones) and make dough from them.


I can also introduce you to…

Some of the smartest coaches, writers, artists, musicians, travel bloggers, videographers, models, designers, programmers, and photographers around, who…

Live a life of adventure and making a living from it… so stay tuned.


Now… back to our question…


How do you want to make money as you travel?

And how do you make money now?

Please leave your comment below.


Maybe your comment will show someone else their dream job…

Because I don’t know about you…

But I was pretty clueless about all the options for making money online for the longest time.


Thanks for taking a minute to add to our community. :)

Your voice means a lot.

Please share this article with your own Posse too (you can click the Twitter or Facebook button on the left).


Your friend,



Ps. Join our Posse here and in Lesson 3, I show you 141 ways to make extra money as you travel.

45 Responses to Ask The Readers: How Do You Want To Make Money As You Travel?
  1. Benjamin Turner
    November 27, 2012 |

    Me? Poetry and Slams. I perform, as well as sell my own books. BOO YAH!!

    The best bet is to do something you LOVE. Because then you’ll fight to do it anywhere. Yep.

    Benjamin’s awesome guys. Support this man!!

    • Benjamin Oliver Jenks
      November 27, 2012 |

      Selling books, nice…

      Finding your love is key… and if you can pair that with something that people can buy…

      You can do what you want. :)

  2. Elyrah
    November 27, 2012 |

    I want to make money selling crystals that I have dug up in my travels while I’m traveling. Bonus points for selling them at music festivals or making wire jewelry and pendants with them. Might have a backpack with a few extra pound of rocks, but it’d be worth it.

    Making money now… at a locally-owned chocolate shop near campus while I’m in school. Saving up! (and eating way too much chocolate)

    • Benjamin Oliver Jenks
      November 27, 2012 |

      Way to go, Elyrah… you are a smartie. :)

      Chocolate rules and keep learning from your job.

  3. Johnathan Paramore
    November 27, 2012 |

    I would love to learn how to make money online. I currently work in a grocery store (for the next 42 days), but I am going on another 3 month adventure in South America in January. Please keep this type of content coming!!! Also, please let me know if there is a course coming for this, I want to be the first to sign up for it.

    • Benjamin Oliver Jenks
      November 27, 2012 |

      Awesome man… South America is a special place.

      This is what everyone wants to know, Johnathan. So yeah… course is coming AND it is going to be SERIOUS. :)

  4. Iris Barzen
    November 27, 2012 |

    What? You’re not giving me all the answers right now? I’ll leave this site NOW.

    Ok, just kidding. But I’d really love to know your tips on making money.

    I’m currently doing some tutoring at my college. That doesn’t make me enough money though. Dream location independent business? A coaching biz. What kind of coach you ask? I have no idea yet :)

  5. Maz
    November 28, 2012 |

    I’d absolutely love to learn about this, it’s my biggest obstacle! I try to be as creative as I can so my general plan was to play gigs on the road, busk, sell CDs, paint & sell paintings, sell canvases with my photography on it, make jewellery… that kinda thing, all from my van and just selling it on the streets or online. However that’s not really very precise and it obviously wouldn’t leave me with much. So I look forward to reading your articles to get a better idea, haha. :)

  6. Kate
    November 28, 2012 |

    Oh money… I have bartended at holiday parties, done a bunch of random graphic design projects, house sitting (this is my favorite!)…

    But I WANT to make money traveling while teaching yoga workshops and being a published author. It’s going to be awesome.

  7. Ken Uehara
    November 28, 2012 |

    I sell products in home, health, and beauty that are sold exclusively online and sponsor others to do the same.

    Traveling is actually a great way for me to meet new potential business partners and customers. This business incentivizes me to go out and connect with as many people as I can. Even if I don’t make a sale, at the end of the day, I’ve met that many more people I probably wouldn’t have otherwise.

  8. Nate
    December 5, 2012 |

    Well I’ve done lots of the typical; serving food to fat people and beer to drunk people, but this question hits on a pretty eventful day in my money making travel schemes. Over the past 7 months I’ve made a living sailing on a yacht, crewing for a guy who’s dream it was to circumnavigate Australia. Today we just finished the over 8,000 mile trip!

    How did I get the job? Right place, right time. I had no sailing experience but had the time and adventure spirit to take the plunge. I responded to an ad with an honest assessment of my experience and I apparently showed him a good attitude and how keen I was to learn and travel. Basically I somehow managed to make travel my job… Stupidly lucky.

    Now how I want to make money? Well sailing isn’t a bad gig, but there’s lots of places you can’t reach by sea. I’d love to be a hiking guide in NZ or teach diving in Thailand, but location independent is key. I’m an architect by training which is unfortunatley mostly location dependent, though it does offer some travel benefits. I would really love to combine travel and architecture…

    • Benjamin Oliver Jenks
      December 10, 2012 |

      Boom! Such a perfect example of how to get started. AND what is sick is that NOW you do have experience so you might be able to snag another job.

      Most people talk themselves out of work, before they even go after it like you did. Not Stupid Lucky… BALLSY and SMART. :)

      You could combine travel with architecture too… sure, you might have to throw something else into the mix… but if you know how architects think, then you understand a certain group of people, who have money (which is helpful) and create something that they might pay you some dough for.

      If you are serious, shoot me an email if you want help brainstorming.

  9. Christopher
    December 6, 2012 |

    Great video. My situation has basically spawned from my hobby of videography and travel, evolving into all I can think about. I just got back from 3-months in Timor & SE asia and have loads of awesome content, but just got to figure out some programming / web design / sponsors stuff to progress. SO now I am definitely having to work in the mountains and save up lots this winter to continue the stuff I actually want to do. I don’t know how many friends Ive told “I want to make money while traveling,” but its probably most of them. Started and could use some critics.

  10. Christopher
    December 6, 2012 |

    Great video. My situation has basically spawned from my hobby of videography and travel, evolving into all I can think about. I just got back from 3-months in Timor & SE asia and have loads of awesome content, but just got to figure out some programming / web design / sponsors stuff to progress. SO now I am definitely having to work in a mountain shop and save up lots this winter to continue the stuff I actually want to do. I don’t know how many friends Ive told “I want to make money while traveling,” but its probably most of them. Started and could use some critics. Hoping to tap into this cloud of money floating around above all our heads.

    • Benjamin Oliver Jenks
      December 10, 2012 |

      Yo Christopher… sick, sick, sick… all right! The site looks good lot of shit there. Shoot me an email if I can help and grab some of that Money! ;)

  11. janet
    December 6, 2012 |

    i’m technically location independent already though not financially free.. which means I’m not as locationally independent as i’d like to be.

    i make my monies through freelance website design and graphic design (I love making ebooks for people). and speaking of ebooks, i want to write erotica books.. and other books. hell, even a kids book (though that might not be a good mix if i’m going to be an erotica novelist? hmm) with my own illustrations. i’ve also done trancription work and project management (doing a bit of that atm).

    i really want to take my income on a more passive model which means possibly doing e-courses and products (i love the idea of creating my own stationary, journal designs)… but also taking on preselected clients for web design and running my own digital boutique design agency! we’ll see. i know i’m evolving.

    • janet
      December 6, 2012 |

      bah!! and i also want to become yoga certified so i can travel with it since it’s a great skill to have and teach workshops all around the world. :D and i totally had to reply to myself just to add that.

      ohhh, and somewhere in there i also want to be a manifestation coach (i like that term more than “Law of Attraction”) and do some spiritual hippie crap like meditation recordings and shite cos i think i have a soothing voice. it’s either that, or phone sex right? haha.

      can you tell i’m multipassionate??! ;)

      • Benjamin Oliver Jenks
        December 10, 2012 |

        Multi-passionate to the max.

        Phone sex would be fun… I met a little lady who had done phone sex. She said it started as pretty hilarious… got sad though… It’s all good though.

      • Laura
        July 2, 2013 |

        LAW OF ATTRACTION VIDEOS ARE EPIC!!!! dude I have found my new niche- travellers, artists, the whole riding world in america is kinda annoying, but I have found how to make money in odd ways as well! I need to find people like the people form spiritual communities, I kinda resented all that crap before, I was like damn, these people go out in the woods and grow beards and find themselves? Life sucks. But hey, now I am realizing I LOVE to travel and I want to essentially go to europe again, live there, I don’t really have such an adventure taste to travel just to travel but I would love to live in another country than america, american culture and people are closed off like this dude says! I need to make money and get financially independent soon though because my parents are tight on money and I can’t be using their credit card much for travelling and expensive stuff no more, hahah, so I gotta figure out to do it on the cheap. waht is really exciting is that I went to a youth hostel in brussels belgium and met the nicest people and had fun. I need to do something like that find somewhere cheap to stay. because honestly? I have had the most fun in slummy areas! its weird I get like super happy when I am in poor cities or something like that hhahaha, I need to live off the land, making money is loads of crap, its boring, but law of attraction is awesome!!! I am doing jobs that I only like to do, I feel like people are starting to live their dreams more, but I feel like its good that people still want to do those boring jobs that are needed for the world to go round, because I would never ever be able to do them with a smile on my face

    • Benjamin Oliver Jenks
      December 10, 2012 |

      Yo… you have made the first HUGE step. Monster key. And you are obviously passionately working on getting more for of that HOT freedom. Boom! It’ll come. Or you will fail… and you will just relax and enjoy the work you do more or be able to focus your energies on the life around you and enjoy it to the max.
      Erotic stories for kids would be pretty sweet. Author Tom Robbins wrote a book for kids about beer: gotta check this.
      Interesting work ideas too…

      • janet
        December 12, 2012 |

        haha yea i thought maybe i could do a kids book talking about sex. the kind your parents read to you to have “the talk” rather than do it themselves. my mom read me one of those, anyway. i think this stuff is coming from my feminism side. sex positive, body image, cunt power etc ;P

        • Benjamin Oliver Jenks
          December 13, 2012 |

          Cunt power! Solid title. :)
          I’d want to write one that the kids could secretly read on their own. The way they talk to their friends about sex… behind their parents back… maybe throw in some dirty pics to give them the details.

          • Tammy yo
            July 2, 2013 |

            I feel like sex is frounded apon in the chrisian religion booo hiss, I realize that sex is good haha, the only thing is my antidepressants and antiphycotics remove my sexual pleasure, liek wtf??? I dont even know about sex any more like its not even on my radar, I am such a lonely person haha I never have sex but I need it. anyway byye

  12. josh
    December 8, 2012 |

    i have never been location independent, i am a bartender and have been moving to vacation spots seasonally and working, saving to travel in between locations and always looking for the next spot. travel is the only thing that motivates me to save. i have been certified to teach ESL and am thinking about pursuing that as a way to work/travel. the income wont be nearly the same, but countries that would hire americans to teach english probably wont hire you to bartend…

    • Benjamin Oliver Jenks
      December 10, 2012 |

      Bartending is a cool way to make money as you travel around. Teaching english can be pretty cool too. Having options is the way to go.

  13. Tim Moon
    December 15, 2012 |

    Hi Benjamin, just found your site via Nomadic Matt and I have to say it looks great. I’m already planning on moving overseas in early 2013.

    I currently make money working for the government (Homeland Security) but my plan is to make an income with my site.

    • Benjamin Oliver Jenks
      December 22, 2012 |

      Yo Tim! Sounds cool… Adventure Strong looks sick as well. Keep me posted!

      • Tim Moon
        December 28, 2012 |

        Will do, Benjamin. I think it’s pretty badass what you’ve done hitching across the US, stealth camping and all that. I’m seriously considering doing a trek/hitch across the US to finish visiting all 50 states. I only have 25 left (mostly Mid-West & NE).

        As for dinero, I’m brainstorming some book ideas to sell via Kindle/Nook.

  14. Miguel Antonio
    December 22, 2012 |

    So glad to read this after seeing mannishness’s work. I’m going to investigate doing remote coaching via skype and other consulting services. Also, a blog about what Im learning about human condition would be fitting, Ill learn a lot from coaching and advising. I could meet with clients world wide, and grow my client base while I travel. What do you think? I don’t know how I do it, but I’m am amazing advice-giver guy..

  15. Jenn
    December 30, 2012 |

    We are location independent. I homeschool my kids so I work for free while my husband does web/graphic design and sometimes video. He has been a freelancer for about 7 years. We moved into an RV to travel a little over a year ago. I was a personal trainer before we hit the road and I played with idea of doing online training but decided my real passion is writing. I make a little money from a fitness blog I write but would like to focus more on writing about travel and spirituality…my two real passions. A friend sent me your blog because she said you had some good resources on selling articles so I’m off to search those out. :-)

    • Benjamin Oliver Jenks
      January 9, 2013 |

      Hey Jenn,

      Travel and spirituality are in my top 5 too. I don’t have any articles about selling articles, however I sent you a message with some links.

  16. Elle
    January 24, 2013 |

    Hey Benjamin!

    I love your website! Thank you so much for sharing and imparting.

    Could you help me brainstorm ideas for location independent income?

    A little about me:

    I love adventure, traveling, new people, new experiences, not scared of anything.

    So far my travels have been either I had to raise money to do volunteer work overseas, or I’ve had to get a solid (boring) desk job here in the States and stay put till I saved up enough money to go places. Then quit my job and do the traveling and get another job again.
    I have a B.A. in cross-cultural communications (if that means anything:) and mainly have spent a lot of time studying other cultures and working with non-profits.

    But I would no longer to just do volunteer work, but actually make money :)

    Things I like: Reading, people, movies, adventure, extreme sports

    Things I don’t like: Staying put, sitting, paperwork, anything that has to do with nurturing things

    Would welcome ANY suggestions! :)

    • Benjamin Oliver Jenks
      January 24, 2013 |

      Hey Elle,

      What skills do you have?

      What have you done already that people were willing to pay money for?

  17. Naomi
    February 4, 2013 |

    Now I make money teaching kiteboarding in Egypt. Dream of 2012 come true. Now for 2013, I want to start coaching and inspiring people. I also would love to host a retreat to combine coaching, yoga (no wind activity) and kiting for the daring.

    • Benjamin Oliver Jenks
      February 6, 2013 |

      Kiteboarding is a MUST for me. I have never heard of a kiteboarding coach. I bet you’d have an interesting perspective.

  18. Naomi
    February 4, 2013 |

    Benjamin, all your mini projects looks awesome. You gained so many new skills while getting paid! Answering your question, Now I make money teaching kiteboarding in Egypt. Dream of 2012 come true. Now for 2013, I want to start coaching and inspiring people. I also would love to host a retreat to combine coaching, yoga (no wind activity) and kiting for the daring.

  19. Sue Potter (We Are US Project)
    February 5, 2013 |

    I want to make my money while I travel by doing photography. But I’m not above washing dishes, dogs or cars. Walking dogs. Driving cars. Or if the chance arises … throwing dishes – though I’m not quite sure where the profit is in that one! If it’s legal and won’t tick off my parents – I’ll do the job for the cash so I can keep on moving around the USA and then the world!

    • Benjamin Oliver Jenks
      February 6, 2013 |

      Hey Sue, I hear about you mixing things up. I remember being a kid and watching Seinfeld and thinking Kramer was the man for his many different (weird) jobs.

  20. Callum
    February 25, 2013 |

    Hello, I enjoy reading all of your post. I
    wanted to write a little comment to support you.

  21. Sean
    September 22, 2013 |

    Hey Benjamin,

    Only just stumbled across your site through a random google search. Great work. Love it.

    I (just like most of the posters above) would love to make a living being a “Professional Adventurer”. I’ve always thought about it but have never been sure about how to actually make money from travelling and getting up to random adventures.

    I am from Australia and have just turned 27 years old, which feels really old to me! I’m a qualified mechanic. A few years ago now my partner and I both quit our jobs, bought a 4WD and travelled around Australia on an 18 month adventure. We worked all kinds of random jobs and got up to all kinds of crazy stuff. While we were travelling we kept a blog, mainly so family and friends could keep up to date with our activities. But we lost interest in always updating it (feeling like no one was reading it) and eventually stopped about 6 months into our travel. It was mostly written by my partner and mostly just focused on the day to day stuff. The link is if you would like to check it out.

    In recent months I logged back into the blog and noticed that it is still receiving an average of 10 hits a day, that is with absolutely no advertising. It also allows me to see what search words people have used to come across the blog and thats fairly interesting on its own. But I think this could possibly be used as a kind of “marketing research” to try and find a way in the future to get a blog to fund the travel through advertising.

    I would also love to try and write (and get published, haha) a book about my trip around Aus. We got up to quite a lot of random stuff and I think it could make an interesting read if I did it right. I’m really inspired by other Aussie authors like Paul Carter (definitely check him out), Tim Cope, etc.

    I have a friend who lives interstate from me but we are both now looking at ways to make a living through some kind of youtube or tv series. We’re still very much just in the brain storming stage but have a few ideas we are floating around. He is great with his technical devices (cameras, computers, etc) and business ideas and I am more into nature and more hands on. Hopefully we could make something work eventually.

    Thanks for the site! It is great! Keep up the good work.

  22. James Shaw
    October 28, 2013 |

    “But I can teach you how to make 1000$ a month as you travel.” – This is perhaps a great way to earn, you travel while earning. I have to learn more about this.

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