Find Your Life Purpose: Advice From 8 Purpose-FULL Pimps


This post is from the series about How To Take The Adventure of Your Lifetime.



‘Finding’ your Life Purpose can be a real bitch… right?


Google hasn’t created a Purpose algorithm (yet)…

Apple hasn’t created the iPurposePad…

Facebook hasn’t created the Purpose-ville game… where you get points for giving your unique gifts to our world.

And there is no easy, shortcut to your Life Purpose.


But… once you do ‘find’ your Purpose… you are going to chuckle.

You are going to kick yourself for missing it. :)

Because your Purpose is with you right now.

Your Purpose is straight chillin’ in the seat next to you.

Your Purpose is hoping you will stop being so damn selfish and share some of that latte… Mmmmm…..

Maybe your Purpose is even whispering some wise shit in your ear right now.

But you can’t hear it…

Or at least you can’t hear it as clear as you want… can you?


Find your purpose the world is noisey


You can’t hear your Purpose, because…

The world is fucking noisy.

More importantly… your brain is fucking noisy.


If you want to hear your Life Purpose…

You have to shut the fuck up…

And listen.


But ‘finding’ your Life Purpose isn’t even that simple…

Because you can’t just listen to any voice you hear…

You must learn to listen to the voice coming from your Life Purpose.


AND you have all sorts of ‘voices’ inside of you… right?

The Desperate Victim, the Courageous Adventurer, the Playful Child, the Hopeless Romantic, the Divine Goddess, the Nasty Slut, the Thoughtful Skeptic, the Loving Mother, the Terrified Scared-e-Cat, the Freedom-Seeking Gypsy…

And they all want to be heard.

They all want the Attention.

AND they all like to dress up as your Life Purpose.

Some of them are even really good at acting like your Life Purpose.


But what is your True Life Purpose?

And how can you listen to it… all day, every day?

How can you listen to your Life Purpose… every day for the rest of your life?


Here at Adventure Sauce… I’m committed to helping you make every moment in your life an adventure.

And to do so… you need to ‘find’ your Life Purpose.


Or more accurately… you need to train yourself to listen to your Life Purpose.

And then you must have the courage to take the action it tells you.


You need to listen to your Life Purpose, like you are reenacting a scene from 50 Shades Of Grey.

Your Purpose is Christian Grey and you are Anastasia Steele.

Your Purpose is the Dominant and you are the Submissive.

Your Purpose is your all-knowing Master and you are the grateful Slave.


You must be willing to do anything to please your Master…


Now… get on your knees and beg for guidance. ;)


If you do… and you learn to listen to your Purpose…

AND you take the courageous action necessary…

Then every moment in your life will feel Perfect.


Even if… horrible shit happens.

Even if… you get into a car accident and have loads of medical bills.

Even if… your boyfriend cheats on you with a friend.

Even if… you live in a crap little town wrapping up some “bullshit.”


Now listen up to 8 Purposeful Men, as they share their advice on finding Purpose…

I reached out to 8 men who I’ve sipped beers with, hung out with over Skype, learned from, interviewed, or been in contact with in some way over the past couple years.

I trust these men.

I’d give each of these guys the keys to my house.

I respect them and the work they do.

Hell… I’d even call them each a Pimp…

And not because they are slingin’ hoes in the alley behind the dive bar…

But because I call people I dig… a Pimp. :)

And I hope the Purposeful words of advice from these Pimps inspire you to listen to your own Purpose.


WARNING: Do not compare yourself to these Pimps though!

If you read this post in a certain frame of mind… you will actually get further away from your Purpose.

Don’t compare yourself to these dudes.

Each of these guys has spent years… taking action, listening, and working on their Purpose.

They can speak these words because they have struggled and they are learning what their Purpose sounds like.

But once they were each just like you…


REMEMBER: Your Purpose can only come from inside you.

If some of their words resonate with you…

Then this means you already knew what they were sharing.

Their wisdom fits with your wisdom… maybe it fits with your Purpose…

But you might not have been able to express it as clearly.


Listen to these 8 Purposeful Pimps now…

And see if you can hear your Purpose agreeing or disagreeing with them.

Use their words to point deeper into you.

And teach you to listen to you.


And always remember…

Your Purpose knows best.


***Be sure to share a comment about your Purpose below too. Even one sentence adds to our community and could be the words another needs or you need to express.





1. Corbett Barr from Think Traffic.

A. What does living with ‘purpose’ mean to you?

To me, living with purpose is about being conscious of your decisions (and lack of decisions). Most who live the “default” life path don’t actually choose to, they simply don’t choose anything. That to me is the opposite of living with purpose.

B. What advice was the most powerful in helping you ‘find’ your life purpose?

First, don’t assume anything about what’s possible in life. Most people have a very narrow view of how their life can be lived. Get out, explore the world, meet eccentric and unique people. Learn how people accomplish extraordinary things. Then choose how to live your life based on your expanded view of what can be possible.

***Read more from Corbett here: Write Epic Shit




2. Jonathan Mead from Paid To Exist.

A. What does living with ‘purpose’ mean to you?

Living with purpose is about feeling like you’re doing exactly what you need to be doing, in this moment. It’s about being internally guided by something greater than just yourself. When you tap into a purpose, mission, calling that’s bigger than you, you simultaneously access this well of energy that you couldn’t source otherwise.

Purpose creates boundless energy and power.

B. What advice was the most powerful in helping you ‘find’ your life purpose?

Stop trying to find this perfect iteration of your purpose, that’s this perfect tagline or mission statement that you can rattle off like a horrible jingle. Once I started to realize that my purpose is always within me and that I always have access to it, things started to change dramatically for me. Of course, I also had to realize that there was this massive inner critic and judge there too. So you have to quiet that voice, or let it cry until it gets tired, then keep listening. Eventually the voice of your purpose gets louder than the critic and it’s easier to follow.

***Read more from Jonathan here: Self-Qualified Success



3. Scott Dinsmore from Live Your Legend.

A. What does living with ‘purpose’ mean to you?

Living with purpose is living a life that’s congruent with your values, natural talents/strengths and your definition of what success actually means to you (not the scripted definition most have been brainwashed). This makes up the compass that guides every decision I make. It allows me to constantly focus on the work I can’t not do. Purpose comes from stopping, stepping back and being intentional about the impact you want to have on the world and how you want to help the people around you. But you can’t find it if you don’t stop to figure out what you’re looking for.

B. What advice was the most powerful in helping you ‘find’ your life purpose?

Stop listening to what everyone else tells you you’re supposed to do and think. None of that matters even a bit. What matters is what makes you come alive. Stop comparing to others. Find your own way of measuring what matters to you and only compare to that yardstick. Find out who you actually are. Do the work on yourself. Make the discoveries. Build your compass. Then live it every day. As soon as you find what that is, the things other people say and do won’t matter to you anyway. That’s when your impact is finally your own.

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4. Tyler Tervooren from Advanced Riskology.

A. What does living with ‘purpose’ mean to you?

To me, it means having an internal locus of control. You make decisions based on your own feelings about what you want to do rather than what you think others want or expect from you.

B. What advice was the most powerful in helping you ‘find’ your life purpose?

A friend of mine told me to “stop looking for it.” That was a lightbulb moment for me. I don’t think you find “purpose” by searching for it. You find it by doing what feels right to you and being confident about your decisions.

***Read more from Tyler here: Write Your Biography 40 Years Early




5. Jacob Sokol from Sensophy.

A. What does living with ‘purpose’ mean to you?

Living On Purpose means doing things in alignment with *who you are* and *who you want to be* while helping other people and enjoying the process.

B. What advice was the most powerful in helping you ‘find’ your life purpose?

Make it your purpose to find your purpose. AND, if you want to be fulfilled, make your purpose about service plus passion. :)

***Read more from Jacob here: How To Live Your Highest Purpose In Life




6. Jason Fonceca, “J-Ryze,” from Ryze Online.

A. What does living with ‘purpose’ mean to you?

Living with ‘purpose’ is simple, but I’m sure everyone’s gonna give you different, possibly confusing/conflicting answers. There’s a reason for this. They don’t realize it, but they’re all saying the same thing.”Living on purpose” means being motivated/inspired/driven/guided by something INTERNAL, instead of all the EXTERNAL bullshit most people live their lives by (–other people’s emotions, worries, guilt, authority, rules, guidelines).

Living on purpose is when you FEEL self-directed and self-assured, not reactive, pressured, and unstable.

B. What advice was the most powerful in helping you ‘find’ your life purpose?

Again, everyone’s probably gonna tell you something like: “My Dad told me to follow my dreams”  or some shit like that. I’m gonna be different and say: NO ADVICE helped me.

None — the whole thing about ‘finding’ your purpose is…

A. you already have it INSIDE YOU, and

B. NOTHING OUTSIDE you is gonna unlock it.

Not even the high level wisdom coaching at Ryze Online.

All the external stuff like pain, suffering, lost jobs, broken relationships are all SIGNS screaming: look inside yourself. Get quiet. Take a break from all the stimulation. Get some space. Get some perspective. Do anything you can to detach from the world and all the external craziness so you can actually get in touch with The Real You, and What Matters.

If people really can’t do that, I give them a push, because any bullshit they try and pull on me in a coaching session gets REFOCUSED on what’s TRULY important to them. There is no escaping yourself, and I make extra sure of it :)

***Read more from J-Ryze here: How To Have Fun Finding Your Life Purpose With Pretty Pictures




7. Mars Dorian from

A. What does living with ‘purpose’ mean to you?

For me, it’s all about living a rich, valuable life with a clear direction instead of floating like a leaf in the wind. A purpose is like a guiding light that helps you get out of the confusing darkness and shines your way, whatever you define as “your way”.

B. What advice was the most powerful in helping you ‘find’ your life purpose?

I remember it clearly because my mother almost “preached” it to me : Never, never ever live your life after the expectation of someone else; your goal is not to fit into someone else’s dogma, because that almost always ends up in betraying your true self. I truly believe that the deep purpose you find within yourself will help you amount to something great that’s not only beneficial to you but also the people around you.

***Read more from Mars here: The One Question That Will Determine Your Fate




8. Alden Tan from

A. What does living with ‘purpose’ mean to you?

To me it means living knowing that you’re always evolving towards, “Doing EXACTLY whatever you want in life.” In that mix, it includes having a passion which can help you maximize your love for both yourself and your life.

The former simply means having a love, which makes you feel special and gives you an identity in this complex world.

Eventually, you’d want to hit the latter, where you want to give back and start allowing others to achieve the same love you experience for yourself too. And you can do it in little ways.

B. What advice was the most powerful in helping you ‘find’ your life purpose?

When my dad passed away, I felt very depressed as I regretted not spending enough time with him even though I knew he was sick. I thought I was a shitty son. A friend then told me this, “I’m sure, wherever your dad is now, he is and was always happy simply knowing you were happy being the person you are.”
And that just made me think no matter what, I just got to be happy in life, being who I am.
So yeah, I’m still Bboying and blogging as part of my dream to be a writer in my own terms, all leading towards the sole purpose of being happy.

I want others to know me as that and feel that from me… not that I even need to try.

***Read more from Alden here: How To Find Your Passion: The Easiest Way




Thanks to these Purposeful Pimps for your heartfelt contributions (AND the work you do!)

You have done so much for me. You do so much for our world.

Thank you.


Now to the reader…

What has helped you live your purpose?

Even if you feel you are just starting right now… this moment… add your purpose in the comments.

I dare you.

Even if you only have a short sentence or thought… you add a lot to our community by sharing.


Plus… you are practicing speaking the wisdom and purpose YOU bring to our world.


Also, did someone above inspire you?

Do you see purpose in a different way?

Can you hear your Purpose a little better?


Please share this post with your friends on Facebook or Twitter… maybe it is exactly what they need to hear.


Your friend,



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40 Responses to Find Your Life Purpose: Advice From 8 Purpose-FULL Pimps
  1. Tyler Tervooren
    November 6, 2012 |

    Bottom line: look inside. Even the most noble of goals won’t take you far if you’re not naturally driven to achieve it.

  2. Ruth Arevalo
    November 6, 2012 |

    Every day I wake up, I turn the pages of my book of purpose. Finding myself in others. Genuine Interest in humans and helping the progression of any and all.
    There are many of the above that I completely relate to, Alden, Jacob, Tyler….So great! love all the knowledge and experiences that they voice in their path to being such influential people.
    I think what lacks a lot of the time is that the question of purpose is certainly not talked about enough.
    I never once while growing up was asked by a teacher or adviser “What is your purpose Ruth?”
    Not even today do many people ask me or anyone the question…….
    We grow sometimes into expectations of familial norms or society or what ever you want to see it as, but more times than not do we ask ourselves on a personal level of what is it?
    What is my purpose? What makes me happy? What can I do to live everyday within my world creating, loving, living, and being all that I want to be and knowing it is what I am supposed to do……..
    I am just happy that here in this moment that people are talking about it and encouraging others to ask the same questions and go on adventures to find it.
    Thanks Benjamin….loved this post!!!!

    • Alden
      November 8, 2012 |

      And Ruth, you’re already halfway there for asking that of yourself!

    • Benjamin Oliver Jenks
      November 8, 2012 |

      Ahhh… yes, we don’t talk about Purpose much.

      I remember hearing about the concept in my mid-20s. Thanks for sharing, Ruth

  3. Alessandra
    November 6, 2012 |

    I haven’t a clear vision, but now I am awake.
    I know I need a purpose, she’s waiting for me by my side although I can’t see her yet. I won’t be any more a sleepwalker through my life.
    There are so many people that can’t understand this purpose-thing, they don’t know there is something more!

    Thanks for this post :D

  4. Iris
    November 6, 2012 |

    Biggest takeaway: Look inside.

    And I actually like the thought of my purpose sitting next to me right now, jealous of the Lebkuchen I’m eating. Ha! :)

    Seriously, it’s a great feeling to know that it’s with me even though I might not be the best listener yet. Or the best at sharing my Lebkuchen.

    PS: Why did every PIMP get a description of what they’re doing in their picture except for Jacob? “This is Jacob” :D

    • Benjamin Oliver Jenks
      November 8, 2012 |

      Mmmm… Lebkuchen sounds tasty (had to Google it though :) ). Your purpose and I are jealous, Iris.

      Bright Little Socks has a lot of purpose… once I ‘found’ mine it was interesting to look back and see how many times I’d been expressing my purpose without even realizing it.

      It was written all over my work. :)

      Ps. You busted me… Each of those images takes some time… and I’d created a similar image for Jacob’s recent interview on AS… so I reused it. :/

      • Iris
        November 9, 2012 |

        Bright Little Socks has a purpose that’s still evolving and I think it’s a big part of my purpose.

        I hope I’ll be able to look back on it and see my purpose grinning at me (with a Lebkuchen at hand) too.

        I think “This is Jacob” is quite a good description of Jacob. So it’s ok. But maybe you should shoot him an email and tell him he’s awesome just in case you have hurt his feelings ;)

  5. Manu
    November 6, 2012 |

    didn’t had the time to read everything yet but again sounds ace!
    at least thanks for making me laugh loudly when i saw “Write Your Biography 40 Years Early”
    that’s such a great idea :)

  6. Ed
    November 7, 2012 |

    Great post, read it all! So good to see the consistent themes in each ‘Pimps’ posts. Look inside, stop searching for it, it’s already there, harness it, listen to it, grow from there :)

  7. Matt
    November 7, 2012 |

    Great post and advice, much of it echoing things I already know but having it put in different ways is always helpful.
    Something I’ve been realizing more and more lately is that you should do whatever it is that you are drawn to. If you feel like there’s something you should be doing, simply start making small steps to do it. There’s a reason why you are drawn to the thing and hence, you shouldn’t ignore it. You don’t necessarily have to understand why you are drawn to the thing, just do it.
    For me this thing has been travel and writing. I can no longer ignore these things. They are simply what I am supposed to be doing. Of course, I don’t fully understand why these things attract me or even how I will make a life out of them. But I’m learning more and more each day that the most important thing is that I follow these attractions to the utmost of my ability because doing so is what I’m supposed to be doing. Eventually, I’ll understand these things more and why they are important to me but for now I just have to keep going for them because, quite simply, doing so is the only way I’ll ever be able to fully feel alive and feel my “purpose”!

    • Benjamin Oliver Jenks
      November 8, 2012 |

      As you go on… the dots will connect more. Each is a step that at the time seems unrelated…

      I dig into my Faith that I’m on my path.

      It is all going where I need to go… I just gotta trust, give, and express.

    • Kevin
      December 16, 2013 |

      Hey Matt – There are companies out there that sell programs to teach you how to do travel writing so you can sell it to various magazines. There are also a number of programs available teaching you how to market and organize a private tour for a small number of people (typically a dozen or less) of an area you know well (typically a city or part of a city, or a specific subject within a city like the restaurants or attractions). Just Google them. Go for it!

  8. Billy M.
    November 7, 2012 |


    I want to thank you for just being here (or I guess for your blog being “here” 24/7 on the internet). Sometimes I get your emails and I skim them and I’m like damnit this guy again, but I never delete them right away. I guess because my subconscious tiny little life purpose voice is like “hey man you actually really should read this stuff b/c you are far from perfect, which is ok, but you should keep doing a lil self improvement here and there”

    And so now weeks later when I was feeling completely unmotivated I saw your emails, read them, read the articles, and I’m about to start on some of the exercises. But before I do that I really needed to say thank you and keep up the good work!

    Here is your belated birthday present. There are two times that adventure sauce has helped me so far. Right now, as just explained above. But the first time I was preparing to study abroad in Europe. I’m an electrical engineering major and studying abroad is pretty rare for engineers (at least in my school) because most kids would rather be doing internships and other things “good” engineers “should” do. But I knew that I wanted to travel before I graduated. So I went against what many people believed and had one of the best summers of my life! The article that really helped me the most was “how to make loneliness your bitch” I did some solo travle, and even when I was among friends I sometimes found myself feeling alone, but reading that article I reminded myself that feeling lonely is ok. Sometimes I felt really guilty that I was bored or lonely because I was in the middle of a brand new city and I thought I “should” be having the time of my life 24/7! But I’m me, not some robot that is constantly having a blast.

    I didn’t do everything perfect on that trip, I missed some stuff and right now I’m actually doing pretty bad on the whole living a fulfilling life thing, but I’m really glad this website and community is here.

    • Benjamin Oliver Jenks
      November 8, 2012 |

      Thanks so much for sharing, Billy.

      Your comment cracked me up in your honesty.

      Lonely is cool… needed… and can add a whole lot of spice to your life.

      We will still be here… and I didn’t really start doing it up until I was 28… each of the pieces in your puzzle are important.

      Rock on man and have some fun today though. :)

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  11. Izzy
    December 5, 2012 |

    What’s up Benjamin.

    Wow man! What a powerful post! All those dudes are legit.

    It’s really cool to see a post like this with a bunch of dudes that I have mad respect for.

    My purpose is 2 fold: To become an expert in martial arts and to inspire and educate others to follow their dreams.

    The interesting thing to me is that the deeper I get with my purpose the more and more clear it becomes to me. I think this is one of the problems that many people run into. They don’t know their purpose so they sit on the sidelines and do nothing. But in reality if they would just start they would begin to gain clarity. I’m all about going with an instinctive gut instinct and building upon that.

    Awesome post!

    • Benjamin Oliver Jenks
      December 10, 2012 |

      Yo, you got a really sweet adventure going on, Izzy. And if taking action is the huge first step to feeling and living your purpose. I’ve met so many people who just get this cloudy look in their eye, when they have met me as I was traveling… the cloudy eyes of regret for not taking any action on those dreams in their heart.

      But shiza… our culture’s dreams are all changing these days and we can all have our dreams in some form… OR we will die knowing that we went after… Anything better than never having stepped foot on the playing field, right?

  12. Kate
    December 6, 2012 |

    So I read this post when it came out, and it was an amazing reminder/kick in the face– I was already feeling a little bit off about my site, about what I am working toward, etc. etc. And I realized it’s because I started to get external- to try and guess what the people want instead of giving what I know is true inside. There have been a lot of major shifts happening for me as of late, and I’m excited for the new things evolving (stay tuned!!) Thanks for doing what you do. This is excellent, and includes a lot of people I admire. Can’t wait for the lady-version of the post! (Challenge accepted?) :)

    • Benjamin Oliver Jenks
      December 10, 2012 |

      Yo, SICK, Kate!

      Can’t wait to see what you have cooking. AND this post did turn into a sausage fest… have to get some hottie ladies in the next one. :)

    • Naomi
      February 5, 2013 |

      Can’t wait for you to share your most recent shifts, Kate!

      And Yes! A lady-version is definitely a MUST, Benjamin!!


  13. Diana
    December 9, 2012 |

    The purpose is inside! It is the most valuable piece of advice that I have had in a long time. OK, it IS time to shut up and start listening, I am listening now, and when I hear my purpose’s voice I will definitely come back and write about it. I’m sorry purpose, sorry for leaving you behind all the craziness of this world, but it’s not too late.

    • Benjamin Oliver Jenks
      December 10, 2012 |

      Yo Diana… you know what is cool?
      All that you just wrote… is your purpose’s voice. All of that comment was from your purpose. And in time it will tell you other sweet shit… like maybe how you can make a fat million dollars by some wild adventure you have in your hot brain of yours. :)

  14. Rachel
    December 15, 2012 |

    I think my life purpose has something to do with learning languages, traveling the world, getting in tune with who I truly am and helping people adapt to a holistic and minimalist lifestyle… by living it myself.
    Also, this might mean quitting the MBA program that I’m in… it just drains me and doesn’t excite me at all. (And now I hear a voice in my head telling me that it is expected of me and that I won’t be able to pay off my debts without continuing to live in this dreadful system and getting another degree.) *sigh* Fuck society.

    • Benjamin Oliver Jenks
      December 22, 2012 |

      YO Rachel…

      I’m betting these things are right on point with what you want to accomplish… and feeling that way is a good sign this is not the thing for you.

      Although working on our purpose can be draining too… but it feels different. You feel tired and accomplished… like you just took another huge step and you can fall asleep happily exhausted to get up and try again tomorrow.

      The fears are completely normal… and you don’t need to make a massive shift all at once. Commenting like this is a start and you can then plan your exit when you are prepared.

  15. Bri
    December 19, 2012 |

    Hi Alden,

    First I think your website is AWESOME :) . Me (and my fiancée) have recently started a journey on how to make our lives better, to start setting and getting serious about attracting and achieving the things and goals we want in life, and to become more in touch with our spirituality. For me, in addition I have also been consumed with finding my life’s purpose, and by living ON purpose. Because certain things like permanent employment have been a problem for me in the past & the present, I hate to admit that part of me feels like I’m a failure on some level. And that hurts alot. It makes me feel incompetent, and like I’m incapable of achieving certain things, the same things that everyone else does like finding and keeping a good job. I always ask myself what is wrong with me that I can’t do the same shit that it seems like EVERYONE ELSE is able to do? BUT : )Like get up, go to a nine to to five everyday and most important, keep the job! In the midst of me feeling sorry for myself, I realized that’s just it- I’m NOT like EVERYONE else. Maybe I’m not meant or built for that matter, to get caught up in the depression, the fatigue, the oppression, and the unfilling spirit of the matrix, which are pretty much the only feelings I feel when doing traditional work. I’m realizing that maybe I am the entrepreneur that my spirit is telling that I am. I feel that my purpose is to be the person that helps people, that artistically expresses myself. The person that is meant to live a life of happiness, creativity and freedom. Not of conformity and oppression. I’m realizing that if I let society dictate to me how I should live my life, that I’ll never live life my own way. I truly believe that I stumbled upon your website not only for the inspiration that I needed to feel, but to see that I am not alone in feeling this way. And for the words I needed to read to know it is possible to live on purpose and to fulfill my life purpose. And to know that there ain’t a damn thing wrong with me : ) That I need to just need to figure out another road to fulfillment because the previous one isn’t leading me to discovering my life purpose-and that I need to find one that will. Thank you for the inspiration :) . Now if I could only turn that purpose into income I’d be a much happier camper! : p

  16. Rachel
    December 28, 2012 |

    Hey-o! So, that was a great post. There have been many things on this blog that are helping me slowly move towards progress. I really need ideas on how to get out of student loan debt or find ways to make more money so that I can just get out on the road. I started doing some e-lance stuff and have one customer so far. I was also considering selling books that I have read and making eco products to sell on easy.
    ANY ideas would be great! Does anyone wanna coach me some? Talk? I need community!!! <3 you all! Keep being awesome.

  17. Andrew Ross Long (@DrewRLong)
    January 15, 2013 |

    Man, this was a fantastic post! It turned me on to so many awesome people I otherwise would never have found — you are like a Curator of Awesome! Thanks so much for doing this and I will be following you for more Awesome my friend . . .


  18. jasz
    April 11, 2013 |

    Im trying to see how my journey in life has been about purpose, I have been in therapy a lot, talked to various people, about various ‘problems’ I’ve been having, always feeling like I still haven’t gotten where I want to be and though some people might say that I wasn’t committed and that’s why it’s taking so long, I think that I just have a lot to learn and it is all about living my purpose, I am living my purpose, it just isn’t quite clear to me what I will/can do to contribute with it. Perhaps that’s just because I’m not ready to take it outside just yet, or perhaps I am doing just that by leaving little comments here and there.

    And just because there’s no diploma after a decade of therapy, doesn’t mean I haven’t learned a lot. I don’t need proof to know that I can do something, I don’t need other people to tell me I’m good enough, so I don’t need a diploma or a trophy or anything like that. I don’t even need to get paid to know that I’m worthy, though it would be nice to be able to pay the bills and buy stuff that I can use to make art and stuff, though it is not necesary, it is possible to live a life of purpose without money also, though it’s a scary thought and even though I believe that I don’t need all those external factors, I also feel afraid to let them go, I also depend on them, I seek aproval and guidance from others all the time, hence the decade in therapy, perhaps I can also learn not to depend on it, which doesn’t necesary mean I no longer talk to anyone, because I also just enjoy sharing my ideas on these issues I have as well as my experience with others and all that.

  19. Ludvig Sunström
    December 10, 2013 |

    Interesting post!

    I think the underlying message here is:

    - Stop looking for others to define what you should do.
    - Do what you like.
    - Do it now.
    - Keep doing it until it sticks.

  20. Naomi
    December 28, 2013 |

    I LOVE this post. I’m huge fans of most of the guys your featured and I’ve now found a couple of new people to check out so thanks!

    I agree that purposeful living is about aligning with your values and bringing them into every decision.

    I just came across this blog and I’m looking forward to reading more from you :)

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