Become A Pro Writer In 30 Days (Or Less)


***Join up our Pro Writer Challenge below… free, just shoot me an email… and have a chance for a christmas gift from Benjamin.


These days being a pro writer is pretty simple.


Any of our Brilliant and Badass Posse members (who look just like you) :) could easily rock this.


So… you better buy yourself a pack of cigarettes and start growing a mustache…

Because you can be a pro writer by the end of the month.

We are even going to have a challenge here at Adventure Sauce to encourage you.

If writing isn’t your thing or you are already making money online, you can skip this article.

I’m covering the basic first steps to getting your first writing job online.

And I have 2 old photos I dug up from my first solo trip to Amsterdam… I’m looking all cool and writer-y. :)

Read on for all the details.


It has never been easier to be a professional writer.

If you are ambitious, you could be making 1000$ or more a month in the next few months. And in the next 30 days (or less), you can DEFINITELY get your first professional writing job.

And if you want to make money as you travel…

Writing is the easiest way to do it.

There are a lot of writing jobs out there…

The work isn’t extremely mentally taxing…

And you can work in your long underwear and a sweatshirt (sort of like I am right now). :)




AND if you apply yourself, you might be able to make more dollars than Jack Kerouac ever did.

You can fund your travels.

You can free up your time to find your Purpose.

You can start spending more time on your music, art, blog, or business.

You can learn skills that will help you be successful with other online projects.

AND… you can brag to Your People this Christmas…

“Yep… I’m a pro writer now.” :)


Although… it is (sort of) a stretch to call you a writer.

This isn’t exactly a glamourous gig. You won’t be hired by National Geographic to head to Borneo to live with the natives and a publisher isn’t going give you a chunk of money to stay in your apartment, so you can write the next great American Novel.

You are actually an Web Content or SEO Writer.

You see…

There are a lot of websites out there… and they all need a lot of articles.

All these articles teach their audience, grow their website, and make Google more likely to place them #1 when you search something.

So they can sell their product.

But instead of writing all these articles themselves, they hire a guy like you to write the articles as you travel the world.


So you could be writing about such fascinating topics as…

Ranches in Montana,

Mixed Martial Arts clothing,

Medical Marijuana Clinics,

Or even how to get back with your Ex-Girlfriend.

(All these are topics I have written about in my days as an SEO writer.)

Now… none of these topics are going to make your blood boil with enthusiasm…


But in 10-20 hours a week, you could be making enough money to fund your world travels…

For a LONG time.

You could be reading this in Thailand right now…

Or from a beach in Chile…

Or from the an igloo in Canada.


AND the rest of your time is yours to do what you want.

Maybe work on that project you are really passionate about…

Or go on adventures to explore the country…

Or write that novel that you have been waiting to write…

Or start that blog that you think will be really big…

Sound too good to be true?


Well… there are a few qualifications:

-You need to be able to speak English natively.

-You need to be a DECENT writer. (Understanding grammar and writing clearly are the most important things).

-You need to have a basic understanding of Search Engine Optimization.

And that is about it…


Ready to make some money as you travel?

Devote 30 minutes a day for the next 30 days… and you will be a pro writer.



Here’s what you need to do:


1. Day 1 (today): Read through this post.

And another post I wrote 11 months ago, The Beginner’s Guide To Writing Web Content. In that article I included a sample portfolio, profile, and emails that you can steal.


Join our Pro Writer Challenge.

To make this more fun… we will have a fun and friendly contest to see who can make the most money. Everyone who commits and follows through will get a Post-Christmas Gift from Me… (which is going to be a personalized unique postcard from my travels).

Start by…

Sending me an email right now saying, “Yo Benjamin… I am committing to the Pro Writer Challenge.” Then commit to a time each day that you will work on this. Maybe it is before you go to bed, maybe it is around lunch time, or maybe it is the first thing you do every day.

In our Action Course, we learned that by committing to a certain time every day it is much easier to set up a new habit (so you don’t slack on this in a few days).

And also set a daily reminder in your Calendar… maybe you use Google Calendar? Set up a daily reminder to email you at the time you have committed to working on being a pro writer.


2. Day 2: Choose Your Freelancing Website.

This is where you will get your jobs from.

Odesk, Guru, and Elance are the big 3.

Go to each one of them now and look at the jobs. Get a “feel” for how the website works and if you like the design and functionality.

Then choose ONE of them… which you will focus on. They each have plenty of jobs, but choose the one you like best.


3. Day 3: Set Up Your Horrible Profile.

Each website requires you write out a profile about who you are and why someone would hire you. Fill out the profile as much as you can. Add in some personal details about what sets you apart.

But don’t worry about being perfect yet… in fact, be horrible… just to get the hang of it. Fill it out as best you can now. In the coming days, I’ll show you how to set yourself apart from the rest.

Here’s what you need to include in your profile:

  • Tell people you know how to write to sell (this is what every business owner wants you to understand).
  • Tell them you understand SEO.
  • Tell them you are FAST and ON-TIME and PROFESSIONAL.
  • Tell them you can write SEO articles, guides, e-books, social media updates, and newsletters.
  • Tell them they can contact you at any time, you’ll even give your phone number.

***Don’t worry about actually being able to do any of these yet. You will be able to when the time comes. Just get your profile online. Part of succeeding at this is being about to say to yourself, “I got this… (and if I don’t I can just Google it).”


4. Day 4: Research “Writer” Jobs.

Look for jobs that are paying around 10$ an hour or more and read about them.

***Don’t worry about understanding all the language they use. And DON’T QUIT because you think you aren’t going to be able to do the jobs and your belly is queasy.

Take a breath and keep going. You will be able to figure it all out and anything you don’t understand… you will Google (yo… I dated a doctor recently… and doctors Google all the time).

Don’t even bother checking out the jobs from people who want articles for 1.50$ for 500 words.

And start Googling the terms you don’t understand now.


5. Day 5: Research “Writer” Profiles.

Time to do a little spying on your competition.

Search “writing” jobs like you did yesterday and look at the higher paying jobs.

Now go through other writer’s profiles and STEAL the best parts of their profile. Look through 10-20 profiles and copy the parts you like the best.

***I know… I know… stealing is wrong, right? Well, this is why you will STEAL and then ADAPT what they wrote to fit you. This is not stealing, this is SMART.


6. Day 6: Create A Pimp Profile.

Take all that you STOLE and write up a profile that is dazzling now.

I included some examples you can steal from me in my last post about Web Content Writing.


7. Day 7 – 10: Write 3 SEO articles (1 a day).

These articles will be part of your portfolio.

After you send someone a pitch, they may ask for your portfoilio with examples of your work.

So write 3 articles total, 2 at 500 words and one at 1000 words.

Write about topics that seemed popular when you searched for writing jobs on the freelance site you chose. Technology, dating, health, lifestyle, and travel are always in demand.

Choose article topics you know something about too.

***If you don’t know how to write SEO articles, I added the basics in the post about web content writing.


8. Day 11: Write the cover of your portfolio.

This is tells your client how great you are and is a separate document you have on your computer that you can send to clients. The freelance websites will have a place for you to upload it.

Here is a link to mine you can check out.


9. Day 12 – 29: Pitch!

You will be spending most of your time pitching clients, so get started.

This is the most important aspect of this process. It takes time to write out the pitches, especially because each ones needs to be specific to your client.

AND you are going to get rejected a lot.

But keep at it… and if you pitch at least 1 client a day until the end of the month YOU WILL GET A JOB. I promise.

Some tips on pitching:

A. Give them 3 reasons why they should choose you.

B. Be bold.

C. Tell them you can definitely do the job.

D. Write that they can contact you on Skype at any time.


10. Keep Beefing Up Your Profile

The websites have different tests you can take to prove you speak English, your grammar isn’t horrible, and all sorts of other things.

Take these tests now and again.

Make sure your profile is filled out all the way too.


11. Cruise Craigslist, go to Meet-ups, and Network.

There are other ways to find work besides freelance websites too.

Try these:

A. Search Craigslist for “writing jobs” in major cities.

B. Go to Meet-ups of designers, programmers, entrepreneurs, marketers, and anyone who might have a website and needs some articles.

C. Tell your friends too… maybe you have a friend who is looking for a writer.


12. Day 30: How much did you make?

On the last day… send me an email and let me know how much money you made.

This is just for fun… and from my experience, when I turn the idea of “making money” into a game, it is a whole lot more fun.

Then wait a minute or two… and I’ll be sending you a postcard with a photograph from my travels.


If you want to make money traveling… this is a simple way to start.

And if you want to get into writing more, this is a great way to build up your skills and confidence.

Email me now and join our Pro Writer Challenge.

What do you have to lose?


And if you want to do this, but you know you are just going to quit after 3 days…

Then maybe your problem is taking action.

We just finished our first Action Course where I worked with 20 people to set up their own action habit in 30 days.

Click here to sign up and be notified about more information (and grab a sweet discount).

We are opening up soon!


Your Friend,


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