Get Naked: The Fastest Way To Become Yourself


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Are you getting naked this year?

If you want to become yourself, the fastest way is to strip off your ‘clothes’ and show others who you really are.


Be your true naked self in front of everyone.

Show your art.

Share your ideas.

Offer your feelings.

Get out of your comfy house.

And dance up front, even if you suck. 


Get naked and you will become more You, than you ever have.

It won’t always be comfortable, happy, or fun.

But if you do it enough…

You will see something so brilliant in yourself and our world.

You might start getting naked all the time. ;)


Of course, when I mean naked, I mean being vulnerable.

You made that connection already though, I’m guessing.

Although actually getting naked… works too. :)

In fact, unless you are a nudist or have some sort of public nude fetish (yo, it’s cool if that’s your thing)…

Getting naked is probably pretty hard too. 


I hope the story below inspires you to go get naked…

In your art,

Your travels,

Your relationships,

Your work,

And all the moments in between.

***Pst. Then at the end I’ll give you to chance to get naked with me and 2 other Posse members (no skinny dipping required). 



Once upon a time in Portland, Maine…


I skinny dipped with 5 women in front of 500,000 sets of eyes.

We each had our own motivations and ideas about what we were doing…

But we all shared a common bond.

We were willing to get naked for our ideas.


These 5 women are the main characters of this tale.

Their courage to strip down with me is the inspiration I take from that day.

Let me introduce you to…

Linda, Kate, Jessie, Jess, and Stephanie.


They were with me on that cold beach, because we were friends.

Although I barely knew them in the traditional sense.They hadn’t grown up with me in the forests and fields of rural Michigan.

They weren’t my high school running friends.

And we weren’t college roommates getting drunk in between classes together.


I met Linda, Stephanie, Jessie, and Jess through Couchsurfing.

You’ve probably heard of it.

I’d stayed with Jessie and Jess for a week or so a few months back.

I’d shared a few beers and travel stories with Stephanie and Linda.

And I had met Kate through a reporter who had interviewed me for her college newspaper.

Basically… we barely knew each other.


But there we were on a cold beach in Maine…

And we were about to put on our ‘birthday suits.’


The beach wasn’t very pretty and the sand wasn’t soft.

It was full of dirt, rocks, shells, and a few wrappers blew around in breeze coming from the Atlantic.

A fisherman was casting a long line into the dark water nearby.

Mexican children ran around yelling and laughing as their parents watched.

And as we waited to see if the others would join us…

Our brains tried to talk us out of jumping into that chilly cold water.


Every time you embark on an adventure, your brain will do it’s best to stop you.


Our brains are designed to try to keep us comfortable and safe.

Thousands of years of evolution have programmed each of us to avoid adventure.

It loves to tell us…

“Be careful.”

“Is that the logical thing to do?”

And… “Keep your clothes on.”


Diving buck naked into a chilly ocean with a hitchhiking artist…

Isn’t the smartest thing to do.

Especially at a public beach right in the city where people from your job could see you.

AND IT’S DEFINITELY NOT a good idea to make a mini-viral video of your jump and broadcast it on the Internet…

So 500,000 eyeballs (and counting) can watch it.

Are you crazy?


You must be wondering,

What are you doing on a beach in Maine?

And why are you about to skinny dip?


Well, technically, we were jumping into the ocean to celebrate my year of hitchhiking around the USA.

I’d gone over 14,000 miles, not been sliced up or raped like many had predicted.

And I was making a video to share what I had learned…

By taking over 3,000 photos with 930 people…

And ending with a skinny dipping scene in the Atlantic Ocean.


But the real truth is that we were each jumping into the ocean for our own private reasons.

I’m not even sure what each of those ladies reasons were…

And I won’t try to minimize their significance by guessing.

But I do know… as the cool breeze blew off the ocean and I said it was time to start…

Despite their fears, insecurities, and hesitations,

We all got down to business.



I’d wanted a whole huge crowd of people to jump in with me.

My video artist mind had envisioned the final scene of my epic viral video to be hundreds of naked butts…

Sprinting towards the ocean in a mad dash for freedom, adventure, and nonconformity…

In celebration of our mutual love of people.


I’d spent the past couple days handing out flyers in the streets of Portland.

Trying to convince random strangers to jump into these chilly waters with me.

And… let’s just say those conversations were pretty hilarious.

Have you ever had a guy come up to you on the street and ask you to get naked with him?


Despite 20 people or so saying they were interested…

No one showed up with us on that chilly beach.


But you can’t blame anyone for coming to your skinny dipping event, I guess. :)

Even if you sweetened the deal by offering free 40s and cheap wine (in classic hitchhiker style).

All you can do is appreciate the perfection of being with 5 courageous people,

Who were willing to get naked with you. 


Get naked to become who you really are.


You can’t become who you are by sitting at home, eating Cheetos, and watching television.

You can’t become who you are doing everything your Mom tells you to.

You can’t become who you are by acting as you always have.

To become who you are, you must get naked and dive into the Atlantic.


You have gotten naked before… I’m sure of it.

You know how we felt as we sipped our 40 ounce beers and Mad Dog cheap rotgut wine at our After Naked Party.

You know what the glow of “After Naked Adventures” feels like as it hangs thick in your room.

You know how it feels to strip another layer away from who you should be…

And become more of who you are. 



Will you get naked for your beliefs this year?


Getting naked is the best way to become more You…

AND to make sure that you have something real to say.

Not just a rehashed mix mash of the last blog post you read.

Or a knock off of the last painting you saw.

Or a remix of last photographic genuis you studied.


Getting naked is tough though.

And the path to naked isn’t as clear as it would seem

So here are a 4 ways that I’ve gotten naked in the past…

And found massive amounts of personal growth through them.


4 Ways To Get Naked To Become More Yourself:

  1. Write a brutally honest post on your blog. Is there something you have been debating whether to mention or not? Write about it.
  2. Tell your Mom and Dad your secrets. One visit home, I sat my Mom and Dad down and shared all of the secrets I had been keeping from them. The stuff I was worried about them finding out about (like that time I got arrested in college, my drug habits, or how I really felt growing up). I’d always been trying to be a ‘good boy’ and not be myself… and our talk really helped establish a true relationship with them.
  3. Share what you really think in a discussion… even though you know people will disagree. If you ever find yourself censoring yourself… speak your mind. Your ideas are important and a healthy disagreement can help everyone grow.
  4. Ask someone out… That cute brunette you always see in the coffeeshop, go talk to her. Or give that shy dude who hasn’t worked up the courage to ask you out… give him a huge hint you are going to a show later in the week and would like some company. It doesn’t matter if they say yes or not… just ask, get it over with, and move on. Then ask someone else again in the future… (in no time you’ll be dating someone HOT).


Or come get naked with me and 2 other Posse Members?


We are getting naked here at Adventure Sauce on Thursday, January 10 at 7pm EST in a Free Live Coaching Session.

I’ll help you figure out how you can make money as you travel…

Using the skills, talents, and ideas you already have.

And we will be doing it, in front of the whole world (or who watches us live or the Youtube video created from the session). 


Most people do their coaching in the cozy environment of privacy…

Which is cool and can be really helpful.


BUT… in our signature Sauce-y style, we will do things different.

We will show the lessons from the coaching process…

We will challenge ourselves to be naked in front of our Posse (and the world)…

Because we know this is the quickest way to learning, growth, a unique vision…

And to becoming our badass, beautiful selves.


If you want to make some money as you travel, but aren’t sure how, then join us.

I’m accepting 3 people and we will be helping you come up with your IDEA.

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I’d love to hear from you and have you a part of our adventure.


Have you learned a lesson from getting naked?

Please share your naked experiences in the comments below… even if you only have a sentence or so.

What did you do that made you feel naked? And what did you learn?

We’d love to hear from you.

Your friend,


22 Responses to Get Naked: The Fastest Way To Become Yourself
  1. Kim
    January 8, 2013 |

    Haha, loved this — even more poignant because I named my production company Get Naked Media a year ago for all the exact above reasons :)

  2. Vicky
    January 8, 2013 |

    I love getting naked.. :) I also love that I am the first comment on this post. Great job Ben..

  3. Jeff
    January 8, 2013 |

    Awesome Ben. I’ll definitely check out the YouTube. Wishing you all the best in 2013!

  4. michael q
    January 9, 2013 |

    That is so awesome, I never looked at being naked that way. Totally being free! I’ve always thought of going to a nudist colony and trying it out as a dare, but now i see that it can be a means of complete freedom…Great post, It has given me some new perspective. I will have to give this a try in the near future! Thanks!

  5. Alexoaia Codrut
    January 9, 2013 |

    Dude, I’m in. I always wanted to show my beautiful hairy ass to the world. Buzz me!

  6. Kaylee
    January 9, 2013 |

    I got naked when I put my blog as my work info on Facebook. You know how FB is, it puts that shit out there for everyone to see, like it’s breaking news… I was so nervous, but I was met with more encouragement that day than I had all year. All ‘cuz I took the plunge, got naked and shared my work.

    Thanks for the reminder to take a risk and be vulnerable…Now to start that post..

    • Benjamin Oliver Jenks
      January 9, 2013 |

      Yo Kaylee,

      Boom you are started in style. I still feel those nerves to almost every post.

  7. Chuck Manley
    January 17, 2013 |

    Great idea, Ben. This is some powerful stuff. I love the work you’re doing towards helping others reach their potential. Keep it up!

  8. Andrew Ross Long (@DrewRLong)
    January 21, 2013 |

    >Tell your Mom and Dad your secrets.

    This, this, this! When I started being real with my mom & dad it changed my fundamental relationship to the world. . . no kidding.

    Also, mad props on your Coaching style, yo. . . I like that. More folks need to get into Group coaching.


  9. Kat
    January 31, 2013 |

    You are so funny!

  10. Catlin Kleidon
    April 9, 2013 |

    One of the most recent times I got naked was when I went busking for the first time in downtown Austin a few weeks ago. If I hadn’t done that, I would have never had the life changing experience while playing guitar with a stranger on drums on the streets.

    Learned a lot of stories, and made the decision to pull through with my hitchhiking adventures in the future, no matter the fear.

    Thanks Ben, keep on with the inspiration!

  11. Jenny
    May 6, 2013 |

    Thank you, Benjamin! What an inspiring post. It is definately very hard to get naked but otherwise you will never experience something new and unique. Sometimes, I just talk to strangers. For me, as a shy person, this is crossing the line of comfort. I also, travel alone and do what do I want :) )

  12. Jonas
    June 19, 2013 |

    Ben, my hat is off to you!

    Last year, I took off more than that as I got naked in support of Chinese artist Ai Weiwei (the site is called “Listen, Chinese Government, Nudity Is NOT Pornography”, and, since we’re sharing, I’m contributor number 240).

    That got me out of my comfort zone and then some, but the noble cause (the right to free speech and free expression, the right to criticize those in power) also made my modesty seem like a pretty, well, modest sacrifice.

    I am hopelessly addicted to traveling myself so I wish you all the best in your future endeavors.

    Regards, Jonas

  13. […] That should be enough to get you started. Ultimately the real fun comes when you begin to craft your own. If you want to start digging with your own questions, just start by asking yourself “what would I love to know more about?” Give yourself permission to roam. Remember, you’re trying to uncover who you really are. […]

  14. Naomi
    December 28, 2013 |

    Cool story!!
    A few years ago I started being brutally, honestly myself with pretty much everyone (like your points 2 & 3 suggest) and it was so freeing!! Even though I was afraid of how people would react, it actually made people more comfortable with me.

    As far as your first point goes (writing an honest post). I’ve tried this in the past and also recently and it hasn’t been that popular with my crowd so I’m confused! I am still searching for my “ideal” audience somewhat because the people who want my products/offerings (mindfulness/meditation/values-guided living) are not so keen on my rebellious nature! My goal is to bridge the gap though & make mindfulness RAD!

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