Looking for an Adrenaline Boost? Try Paintball!

Paintball played speedball method can provide a good rush of adrenaline. It is a fast-paced game. The field of play is small. The strategy and equipment will vary when playing speedball version of paintball. The rules for speedball is different than traditional woodball version of paintball. Paintball can be expensive, but it really determined to how much the player will be willing to spend on equipment and how often they might play.

You need to try paintball especially speedball. The field of play for speedball can be an athletic field. The field size will be about the half the size of a football field. There are not many places to hide during a game of speedball. and contain man-made bunkers. The bunkers will be any shape and they are normally inflatable. The games can be held indoor or outdoors.

The game of speedball is short and can be quite intense. The teams can consist of three to seven players. Speedball is the version of paintball that is played professionally. It does require some strategy to win. Strategy will be influenced by on the setup of bunkers, number of players in the game, and purpose of the game There are games that last about 2o minutes. Since the games go by quickly, you are able to play several games in a day. Many people consider speedball very addicting. You can play the game once, and you will want play it again. People are addicted to the fast pace, rapid firing of the marker, and fun you will have with your friends.

The equipment is required to get total enjoyment out of speedball. The most important piece of equipment would be the mask. You want a mask that is not going to fog up too quickly on you. The less expensive mask may fog up little quicker than other masks. Mask with thermal lenses will reduce fogging, but the type of mask may be the most expensive. The marker is what the paintball gun is a called. For speedball, you want a marker that will fire rapidly. You would check how many paintballs the marker can fire per second – the best speedball guns can fire upwards of 15 balls per second! By having fast marker, you may sacrifice reliability of a marker.

The rush of playing speedball would be rapid fire of the markers and dodging behind the bunkers to prevent from being hit. Strategy changes as the game moves along and players are eliminated. The game is fast-paced, and you need constant communication with teams to have a chance at winning the game. Players are more aggressive with their moves and play in speedball. Teamwork at a fast-pace is very rewarding when the team is able to win. Players scurrying about trying to get to bunkers without being hit.

Speedball can be addicting and fast-paced, but it can also be expensive. A good marker can easily cost over $1,000. The use of CO2 and compressed air for the markers to fire will cost the player to refill. The pricing you will pay for playing field rentals. Price of playing paintball will be driven by the players’ preference to how much they want to spend. A player who wants to play with great equipment and is very involved with paintball will spend more. The beginner may look at the sport as casual and spend small amount for games on the weekend.