How To Enjoy Traveling Alone And Make It A Little Less Lonely

As a phrase said, you only live once. In addition to that, we all have our busy lives and schedules. Why not take a break and see new places? The problem at times is that you and other friends or family seem to not much each other’s schedules, so it is a big possibility not to continue or simply will not able to do it with them.

It should not matter though. Nowadays you can go and do some traveling by yourself. You can discover places and experiences without any companion. But there is a matter though. It seems it would be a lonely experience compared to experiencing it with someone else. Well, there are ways you can enjoy it. It is just a matter of where your mind will be.

1. Focus on the Sights

The main purpose of why you are traveling is because you want to see and discover new places. Because of that, you should focus on that. Take pictures of the sights and share it on social media or have it developed. You can also do some activities you can enjoy and have some souvenirs for yourself and your loved ones. Also, there are places that are really crowded, why not go there? With that, you will not really feel that alone.

2. Indulge

Different places and cultures will surely have their own delicacies and food, and it is a big part for you to try them. Not just to satisfy your curiosity but to also have full experience with their culture and also one of the things to discover. And of course, you can also treat yourself with other food that you would love. But it is not all about the food though. There are activities that can be done in the place you would go to. It could be relaxing like spas. It could be also adventurous and thrilling like zip lines or bungee jumping. You can also do something simple such as discovering local cafes or bakeshops that will have a few goodies.

3. Discover Yourself

Another thing you would do when traveling alone is that you will be able to discover your own likes and also your dislikes. Unlike when you have a companion, you will need to decide the places you will visit with someone else. But because you are by yourself, you will know exactly what you like and will discover your own pleasures and desires with it. Also, by spending time alone, you will be able to do a lot of focusing and reflection. Whether it be looking at nature or riding a train, bus, etc. you will think a lot of things you have done and may also lead to you to decide if you want to change something for yourself.

4. Read 

if you are an avid reader, this is a great way to use some of your time. If you get bored, you can always forget your surroundings and even the time by reading a good book. You can do it in your hotel room while resting or while riding something going somewhere. You can also do it while having downtime in a cafe. Just make sure you have enough that will last for your trip. 

5. Listen to Music

Another way to consume your time is listening to music. You can make a playlist that you think is fitting for your trip. With that, you will have music that you can associate with the whole trip when you look back on it. And in addition, having music as your company will be a great distraction that you are alone. Music will also help with your reflection and focus.

6. Watch Something

Another good kind of distraction is watching something. It could be movies, TV shows, or even a documentary as long as you will be entertained, it is your choice. This will be great to do when you are having a break from all the sightseeing and just relaxing in your hotel room. You can watch something feel good to distract yourself and maybe also have some laughs to ease you. This also can be done while traveling or during a ride since with the technology, you can have it in your hands by a smartphone. If you have an internet connection, you can also watch some videos on YouTube that will be inspiring for your trip or just your interests in general.

7. Make Friends

If you are alone on a trip, a great way to not feel alone is to befriend or talk to someone. It could be a fellow tourist or a local. This way, you will be able to talk to someone, and this is also the best way to share ideas and places you could visit and do in that place. Another way to make friends is to join a tour. There are many out there, and you can definitely search about them online. All you need to do is after planning and knowing the place you would want to go, you can search for groups or even agencies. This way, you will meet new people and go on a tour without really being alone. Also, in addition, you will not be stressed in planning out and scheduling of places you would want to see. 

8. Chat with Your Loved Ones

If you are really missing your loved ones, you can always call them. With today’s technology, it is much easier unless you will be going to a place that is not quite developed or unplugged like mountains or forests. But if it is not, you can definitely call them. It can be a video call with all the apps available. You can even have them join some of your sightseeing even if you are not with them personally. A group chat is also a great way to connect with your friends and family and can also be a platform for sharing ideas and even experiences if they have. Then you can also share your pictures on social sites to have everyone see and join you by comments and likes.