Are Motorcycles Worth The Risk?

There is this phrase that said “you only live once,” so that is why people live and make the most of it. What it means to make most of it is to not make their life boring and try things that are exciting. It does not limit to trying new food or traveling but also doing dangerous activities that will make their adrenaline pump. Are you one of those people? 

Motorcycles are one of those things that you will see on the regular. Some people have them as their means of transportation then there are some who have them as a hobby. Many said that motorcycles are dangerous and should be avoided but is that all to it?

What are the cons of motorcycle?

The first one would definitely be is that motorcycles are dangerous. There are many speed accidents involving motorcycles because of its size and unstable fronts. In addition to that, there are road hazards such as slippery roads, potholes, oil slicks, etc. Those are minor inconvenience for cars but dangerous for motorcycles. Aside from safety, you would need a different license for motorcycles. It would be a hassle to get one especially if you already have a driver’s license. Another con for motorcycles is that it is not an all-weather vehicle, unlike cars. You will not be able to ride them in the rain or snow for it not only it is not safe, but you will also get wet too. It also has a shorter life span than of cars.

What are the pros of a motorcycle?

Motorcycles always have a negative connotation for most people, but it also has its positive aspects. For most, riding a motorcycle will make you look cool, but it does not end there. Motorcycles are more economical than cars. Because they are smaller, you will be saving gas because it has better gas mileage. Not only that, they are easier to maintain than a car and their insurance costs less. If you are one of those people who gets frustrated with a lack of parking spaces, motorcycles have more and they are easier to park too.

What to do when you decide on having a motorcycle?

Now that you know that having a motorcycle has both its pros and cons, you may decide to have one. Sure, it is dangerous and risky, but being on a car does not guarantee safety too. It is all about how cautious you would be. You know about the risk factors and should keep that in mind. And because safety is always first, remember to always wear a helmet when riding. The attire for riding a motorcycle is not just about looking cool. They are worn for maximum protection. It includes a well-made jacket designed specifically for motorcycling, gloves, pants that cover the entire length of your legs, and closed-toed shoes or boots. You should also enhance your skills in riding. When you are traveling with one, always be alert with the vehicles and people around you. Be aware of the road hazards too. As said earlier, road hazards are dangerous for motorcycles. Another factor is the weather. If you know that it will be bad, avoid it and just have another mode of transportation.