Best Country To Visit in Southeast Asia

Asia is known for its rich history and culture, and it is a great place for travel especially if you are looking for something different. And because it is the largest continent, it is definitely hard to choose where to go for a start. Southeast Asia is the best way to go if you are into beautiful scenery and beaches. If you live in a cold place or country, this will be a nice way for you to escape the cold and embrace some warmth. In addition, it is very budget-friendly. If you are finding a place to stay, here are some suggestions:

1. Indonesia

You can do a lot of activities in Indonesia with its volcanoes and beaches. Bali is a well-known destination because of its various activities and attractions, but there are still other places you could visit. Indonesia is also known for its coffee and fried rice.

2. Thailand

Thailand has its significant gorgeous beaches but what it is known for are the parties and if you love mingling and fun nightlife, Thailand is the place. Despite that, they still have their temples that you could visit. Thailand also offers vast cuisine that can be found in the streets and restaurants.

3. Philippines

An archipelago that consists of more than 7,000 islands and because of this, this country have a lot of beaches you go to. But if you are looking for other sights and activities, it has a lot to offer. With its mountains and volcanoes, you can have a hike with one of those. It also features amazing sights like the Banaue Rice Terraces. In addition, you can also see historical landmarks such as churches and buildings that were mostly made during the Spanish colonization.

4. Malaysia

If you love safaris, Malaysia offers them because of their rainforests. You could also see a lot of wildlife sanctuaries. You can also do some hiking. Food is also great and the must-try is their soup called Laksa that has coconut curry in it.

5. Singapore

It is an island city-state that is known for its cleanliness and safety. Unlike other Southeast Asian countries, Singapore is very high tech and full of modern architecture buildings. There are lot of foods to try too and the best place would be at a night market and multi-culture given its state.

6. Laos

Laos has this soothing and calm vibe to it. It is also rich in history. The capital, Luang Pragang, is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is known for their ancient temples. With its rivers, you could do a lot of activities such as tubing and kayaking. There are also zip lines and caves you could go to. This is definitely a perfect place if you love doing adrenaline-rushed activities.

7. Cambodia

Cambodia has the Angkor Wat which is one of the largest temples in the world. You could actually rent a bike and ride around the temple. Aside from that, there are also towns that feature interesting architectures from the French colonization.

Best Cities in Asia

Traveling is said to be good for the soul because it refreshes your mind and keeps you away from all of the stress. This is especially if you are going to another country where you will be exposed to not only new scenery but also new atmosphere and culture. One of the best continents to travel is Asia because of its rich culture and history. Asia is the largest continent though, so there are many possible places to go. Do you know where you’re going? Here are some of the cities you could go as a start.

1. Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo is firstly known for its food with noodles such as udon and ramen and their rice bowls. It is also a fashion capital with it having a lot of shopping malls. But in the midst of it being a busy city, Tokyo still preserves and treasure their culture and religion with the shrines and temples.

2. Seoul, South Korea

South Korea is a country that became really popular because of the rise of Kpop groups and their culture. When you visit Seoul though, you will see the vast skyscrapers and high tech facilities. There are also a lot of shopping malls you could go to. With Korean barbecues being a trend, why not try it in the source itself in addition to their other cuisines.

3. Singapore

Singapore is an island city-state that is known for its cleanliness, safety, and cuisine. It is also a place that is modern with its architecture and facilities. 

4. Bangkok, Thailand

It is known for its culture with temples and markets. But it is also modern with its buildings and skylines. Bangkok is also known for its various cuisines that also features other culture like the Middle Eastern. While you are there, check out the floating markets that can be done by a boat.

5. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

It is the home for the famous Petronas Twin Towers which were the world’s tallest buildings. But it is not the only one to see for Kuala Lumpur also offers a lot of architectures and skyscrapers to see. And because of its vast cultures, they have a great mix of cuisines you could try with a lot of restaurants. They also have a lot of markets and shopping centers you could shop.

6. Beijing, China

It has the Forbidden City which offers ancient palaces that is a great example for imperial architectures. It is also the home for one of the world’s greatest man-made wonder which is the Great Wall of China. There are also several temples you could visit.

7. Hoi An, Vietnam

This city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site which preserves the historical architecture of the 15th to 19th century through its streets, buildings, and Southeast Asian trading ports.

8. Mumbai, India

Mumbai is the home for the Bollywood film industry. It is chaotic but it surely has a lot of places to visit with their architectures and markets. Indian cuisine is also a must-try, so do not forget to visit their restaurants.