What To Wear When Hiking In Hot Weather

Hiking is one of those activities that is great for a group, but potentially just as enjoyable by yourself. It is a good bonding activity. But at the same time, it is a nice way for you to reflect and relax and also spend your time in solitude with nature. Also with a hike, not only will you get a work out, you will also able to connect with nature. 

If you are planning to go for a hike, there are certainly things you need to do to prepare. From the location you’re planning to hike to the essential gear and supplies you’re bringing with you and even the weather. What if it will be incredibly hot that day, for example? What should you wear under these circumstances?

1. Hiking Boots with Thin Socks

Trails are much different than the regular paths that you may be used to walking in. They are steeper and at times muddy. With hiking boots, you will be able to protect your feet from it. When the weather is hot, it is important to have boots that are lighter and breathable. It is also important to look for a boot that will not cause blisters. That will be a headache with hiking especially because this is more challenging than other normal walks. The kind of socks you wear is also important for they also provide protection. On a hot day, it would be more efficient to wear something that is thin enough. The type of material used should also be kept in mind. Cotton is mostly avoided for it absorbs moisture and dries slowly. It is advised to choose alternatives made from wool or synthetic. Remember to wear something that fits perfectly with your feet to avoid minor injuries such as blisters.

2. Light Clothing

What you wear will affect your activity. When it is hot, it is important to wear clothes that are light in color, so that they will not absorb heat unlike dark-colored clothes. Also choose clothes that are light and breathable so that they will help you maintain a tolerable body temperature. As with the socks, the material it is made from should be paid attention to as well. Avoid clothes that are made of cotton and choose nylon or polyester instead. But you will also need to choose clothes that cover you up as protection from sunlight especially if it gets particularly strong. You can wear long-sleeved shirts that are light, so they will not make you hot. It is also important to have something on your neck to keep you cool. You could use a neck gaiter or a lightweight cloth like a scarf to cover your neck and maintain moisture.

3. Hat

A hat can be used as protection for your face and neck. It could be a normal baseball cap or hiking hats that have brims goes around for more protection.

4. Others

What you will wear is not the only essential when the weather is hot. It is also important to have some things on hand that will protect you and your health. On a hot day, it is important to have a lighter hiking gear so your body will not need so much force that will likely cause exhaustion. It is also important to have water to keep you hydrated throughout the hike.